Delta Emulator comes to iOS thanks to alternate app store

  • The Delta game emulator comes to iOS, but not via the usual App Store
  • It launches as a debut app on the AltStore PAL
  • But what’s this emulator mean for us? Good, bad, or otherwise?

The Delta game emulator has just been released on iOS but not on the iOS App Store. With the launch of the alternative app store, AltStore PAL, the Delta game emulator (the successor to previous emulator GBA4iOS) is one of the first new emulators to hit iOS since Apple opened up the ecosystem. We wrote a whole piece exploring why this may not be as significant as it seems but might we be wrong?

For one, it seems that Riley Testut, one of the developers behind AltStore and the new emulator, is quite insistent that this is a big paradigm change. In his blog, discussing the creation of GBA4iOS he takes us through all his reasoning behind why he created the original app, and more importantly, why he thought the time was right to bring the Delta emulator to iOS.

“You don’t want to jinx yourself because you’ve been burned many times before, but you can’t help but feel that this year is finally, actually, the year you’ve been waiting over a decade for:

“This is the year emulators come to iPhone.”

What does Delta let you do?

It seems that Testut was right, and now the die is cast for emulation on iOS.

Well, for one, as we discussed the thing Apple is allowing is emulators, not the ROMs. And we still haven’t yet seen a litmus test for just what is allowed in terms of legal downloads via these emulators. That might be what really decides whether or not applications like the Delta game emulator can last. After all, ROMs remain a legally sticky part of emulation as a whole.

These’re strange times, fortunately, if you don’t want to get into emulation there are still plenty of games to occupy your time. Why not check out our list of the top mobile games to try this week for some of them? Top indie hits, hidden gems and more await you.