Need For Speed Unbound Patch Improves PVP Mode, Free Roam

Need For Speed Unbound patch 6.1.0 is available today as a small “quality of life” update, in response to community feedback, focused mainly on Dedicated PVP and Free Roam. Playlist rotations will now refresh daily, while Featured playlists will remain for a week to cater to all players. Tier playlists will shift daily between Tiers B, A, A+, S, and S+. The team has also reduced the time between Free Roam Linkups by half.

When leaving PVP, players will now find themselves immediately back in the Multiplayer garage, reducing unnecessary steps. Extreme flickering has been addressed and players that idle in PVP lobbies will get bounced if they don’t respond to the warnings.

This marks the final update for Vol. 6 as the team shifts their focus to Vol. 7. We’ve listed some of the other changes below, but check out the full patch notes at the official site.

  • – Fixed an issue where players could use their own vehicles in a playlist that should be loaner vehicles only
  • – Fixed an issue in Story Mode, where attempting to back away from the Speed Pass menu would send the user to the pause menu instead of the garage
  • – Fixed an issue where underglows unlocked through Speed Pass were not visible to other players on the server
  • – Fixed an issue where PVP lobby playlist tier would show as tier B instead of correct playlist tier
  • – Fixed an issue where users could navigate around menus when in Find Game menu
  • – Fixed a camera issue that would cause changes to the player’s camera when another car was close behind