A cozy Souls-like starring a squirrel

Awaken your inner squirrel!

Among the most intriguing video games set to release in July 2024, one title that’s certain to catch the eye of fans of our small rodent friends is The Sacred Acorn. Developed by the Australian indie studio A Few Dragons, creators of Lightsmith, this captivating 2D fantasy action-adventure unfolds in a dark world plagued by corruption.

The Sacred Acorn harmoniously blends a top-down hand-drawn aesthetic with action-adventure and Souls-like gameplay elements. It boasts a fast-paced combat system and formidable boss encounters, all set against richly detailed landscapes inhabited by charming and memorable characters.

However, players will soon uncover that this seemingly idyllic world is far from a terrestrial paradise. A malevolent power, previously unknown, emerges from within, infiltrating the once peaceful Tansira and spreading corruption across the land. Nothing is spared from its malevolence; landscapes wither, friendships deteriorate into conflict, and once-beautiful sanctuaries decay into desolate wastelands.

In the game, we will play as a small squirrel from the Loam tribe, a once prosperous and thriving people, at least before the calamity struck. Since then, everything has fallen into ruin; nothing is as it once was. It falls upon our young protagonist, the rightful heir to the ancient powers of Tansira, to cleanse the corruption that has emerged from its dark recesses and bring peace back to her people.

Embark on a journey through seven stunning yet treacherous biomes brimming with puzzles and secrets waiting to be uncovered, along with numerous friendly creatures eager for your assistance. Brace yourself to confront a malevolent bestiary that includes mighty sentient trees, vicious spike-shooting shells, noxious mushrooms, and other sinister beings shaped by corruption.

Assist NPCs to ensure they follow you during your travels, providing essential help during battles. Upgrade and enhance your abilities to avoid being outmatched by stronger predators. Oh, by the way, simply throwing a pinecone won’t save your skin. You’ll need to tap into all your dormant powers if you want even a chance at survival.

The Sacred Acorn is scheduled for release on July 17th on PC via Steam. Currently, there is no information available about a potential console release; however, there is no need to despair. Should the game receive positive feedback and a high number of player requests, the developers will undoubtedly consider a console release in the future.

Furthermore, if you would like to get a clearer idea of the game or try out a brief preview of the experience, we recommend downloading the free demo available on Steam at the following link.

For further updates on The Sacred Acorn, stay tuned and be sure to follow A Few Dragons’ X account for the latest news and future updates on the project.

Thank you for joining us today. Until next time!

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