Marvel’s Wolverine is Spoiled For Choice in One Important Area

Leaked info ahead for Marvel’s Wolverine.

Based on the leaks for Marvel’s Wolverine, it seems like Insomniac Games is planning to tell a lengthy story about the title’s leading Mutant, as players will explore Alaska, Madripoor, Japan, and more. So many locations being featured indicates a deep experience, especially when taking into consideration the massive cast for Marvel’s Wolverine, which includes big names like Mr. Sinister and Sabretooth as well as lesser-known characters like Callisto. Doing all those characters justice will mean a long runtime for the game, and with Logan seemingly set to be thoroughly explored as a character, it only makes sense to touch on his turbulent love life.

Unlike with fellow Marvel hero Peter Parker, who really only gave Insomniac Games a few clear choices when it comes to his girlfriend, Wolverine has hardly stuck with one woman for long. Though most of his relationships sadly end in tragedy, whether it be due to his loved one dying at the hands of his rival Sabretooth or an otherworldly force like the Pheonix getting involved, plenty of Logan’s partners have stood out despite their short stints in the role. With this in mind, Insomniac Games will have plenty of options if it wants to write in a romance for its claw-wielding Marvel protagonist, and it will be interesting to see who it chooses – though there are some frontrunners.


The Most Interesting Leaked Character For Marvel’s Wolverine Isn’t Who You Think It Is

While fans have been quick to discuss the leaked Marvel’s Wolverine characters that they are most excited to see, one name deserves more attention.

Marvel’s Wolverine Will Have No Shortage of Love Interest Options For Logan

Considering that he has been alive for roughly 200 years canonically, and has existed as a character for five decades, Wolverine has had no shortage of partners. His long list of love interests includes, but is not limited to:

  • Jean Grey
  • Storm
  • Mariko
  • Mystique
  • Silver Fox
  • Yukio
  • Native
  • Melita Garner
  • Cassie Lathrop

Admittedly, if Storm were to be involved in Marvel’s Wolverine, it is likely that concept art featuring her would have appeared online following Insomniac’s big 2023 leak, though it is still something that could be explored in the studio’s X-Men game. Everyone else feels viable, and it essentially comes down to whether Insomniac wants to pair Logan with a woman who has superpowers or a fully human character with a fairly normal job. For instance, a grounded dynamic could be achieved with a police officer like Cassie Lathrop or a reporter like Melita Garner, though Melita seems less likely since she would be too similar to Insomniac’s Mary Jane Watson. With Japan set to feature, both Yukio and Mariko are on the table, with Yukio being a fun blend of grounded and adventurous since she is skilled but lacks powers.

Alternatively, choosing a superpowered partner could see a character like Silver Fox adapted, as Insomniac could aim to do a better job writing her betrayal than what occurred in the much maligned movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The lesser-known character Native has a tragic story as well, as she is a feral Weapon X survivor who once loved Wolverine and regains her ability to speak right before Sabretooth ends her life – something she has in common with Silver Fox. Either (or both) of these stories could be adapted to show Logan’s struggles with love before he eventually finds the right woman, with Insomniac making it a major theme of its game.

Logan has had far more romantic connections in the comics, including brief flings or alternate universe connections with Domino, Invisible Woman, and Elektra. Additionally, he had feelings for Rogue and childhood caretaker Rose O’Hara.

Marvel’s Wolverine Already Has Two Frontrunners For Logan’s Love Interest

Based on the leaks for Marvel’s Wolverine, two potential romance dynamics could be touched on in Insomniac’s 2026 release. The first is with Mystique, as Insomniac could pull from Jason Aaron’s Get Mystique storyline to reference the characters’ Bonnie and Clyde-style crime spree during the wild west era. This dynamic could be a fun bit of worldbuilding, as the two may be at each others’ throats in the present as they so often are, only referencing their history. Jean Grey having a big role in the game seems far more likely to result in romance, as she is arguably Logan’s most iconic love interest. Whether Insomniac’s X-Men game explores the love triangle with Cyclops is unclear, but highlighting the chemistry between Logan and Jean in his solo game seems likely – even if she is just one of many partners that Logan has gotten close to in his long life.



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