Seven Knights Idle Adventure brings in one of the Four Lords of Old, Kyle

  • Seven Knights: Idle Adventure has added a new playable character, Kyle
  • One of the Four Lords of Old, Kyle is a powerful character in the game’s background
  • The new update also includes another brand new hero, Mulan

Seven Knights Idle Adventure, the follow-up to Seven Knights, will introduce two new recruitable characters, starting with one of the legendary Four Lords of Old, Kyle. Yes, it’s not exactly the most intimidating name, however as we’ll detail below, the name is the only funny thing about him. The update will also add the legendary hero Mulan (no relation to the famous historical figure) and a new battle-pass system called Terra Magazine.

As for Kyle – yes, silly name, moving on – his abilities are certainly nothing to sniff at. Boasting the Shackled Grave skill which allows him to use stealth to launch a sneak attack for massive damage, it also inflicts the Bind debuff on enemies, while buffing Kyle with Night Stalker which increases his critical hit and attack speed. Finally, by landing three consecutive hits he can activate the Chain Effect and cause AoE damage to nearby enemies, remove all buffs and apply Stun to them instead.

More besides Kyle

As noted above, the latest update also adds the legendary hero Mulan, the addition of stages 12,001 to 12,800 and new challenger pass dungeons available through April 3rd as part of the Karl Heron Challenge Pass, which rewards the titular hero once completed. Suffice it to say, Kyle’s addition is followed by some equally beefy changes to Seven Knights Idle Adventure that are sure to add more to the experience for even the most ardent completionists.

Players can also experience the Seven Knights 10th Anniversary Carnival Event as part of this new update. Why not check out the ongoing collab with the webtoon series Return of the Blossoming Blade as well, to see what new heroes were added with that update?