MARVEL Contest of Champions to debut Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day & Black History Month celebrations

  • Two new heroes, Dust and Ironheart are set to debut
  • Celebrations will allow players to unlock exclusive game rewards
  • The Lunar New Year celebration will also allow players to unlock Red Envelopes for additional goodies

MARVEL Contest of Champions is set to debut two new heroes as well as celebrations for Valentine’s Day, the Lunar New Year and Black History Month. The latter focuses on spotlighting black superheroes from the Marvel universe that feature through the game’s social media channels.

Contest of Champions will debut Dust – an Afghani mutant and X-man with the power to control and turn herself into silicone ‘dust’ – alongside teen genius and armoured hero Ironheart, who famously took up the mantle of Iron Man for a short time before receiving her own comic-book series in 2018. The two heroes will arrive on February 28th and 15th respectively.


Kabam has also announced that Contest of Champions will debut two new questlines for the Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year period. The first is the “Listen to your Ironheart” questline that challenges players to build their own ‘romance seeking suits’ by collecting Heart-coded keys to accrue the necessary materials. The second is the ability to earn Red Envelopes – a traditional Lunar New Year custom where they are given as gifts, often with cash inside – that provide valuable rewards.

It’s also an interesting piece of Marvel trivia that both Dust and Ironheart featured in their own team called ‘The Champions’ in the comic books separate from the game. So there’s a neat little coincidence there. You can check out the trailer for Ironheart below…


It should come as no surprise that Kabam is providing players with more incentives and events during the February period. As with Black History Month providing an opportunity to showcase heroes of colour, Valentine’s Day is a widely celebrated holiday in the West and Lunar New Year also being one of the most important events of the calendar in many East-Asian countries such as China, there’s a great chance to catch player’s interest no matter who they are or where they’re from.

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