Longtime Fortnite collaboration leak shot down in flames

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It’s bad news for those hoping for a certain Fortnite collaboration, as it seems a long standing rumour of a crossover have been shot down in flames, despite plenty of smoke from reliable leakers reassuring fans that such a crossover was in the works and planned for the battle royale shooter.

This weekend, an inquisitive fan by the name oxf.jb18 took to the Instagram page of Doctor Who showrunner Russel T Davies, and asked him in the comments of a photo about long-standing rumours of a potential crossover between Fortnite and the sci-fi series.

Unfortunately, the showrunner’s response shot down those rumours, at least from their standpoint. “There isn’t one! It’s a complete myth, I’m afraid!” was the response from Mr Davies, putting a sonic screwdriver to hopes of seeing the TARDIS shooing around Tilted Towers or playing as the Doctor.

Rumours of a crossover between Fortnite and the BBC’s Doctor Who series have been floating around for some time, but only intensified back in November around the time of the latter’s special sixtieth anniversary specials that saw David Tennant take up the role of the titular Doctor.

In fact, a number of prominent Fortnite leakers – including iFIreMonkey – posted findings on this so called collaboration including a response from BBC Studios, though it’s now believed it may have been in reference to an official collaboration ‘experience’ from back in 2022 that was strictly related to the game’s Creative Mode.

Of course, Doctor Who would be ripe for a collaboration with Fortnite, with more than fifteen iterations of the titular character, and of course a sea of other potential characters including companions, villains and other associates of the Doctor.

For now though, it seems as though this is one collaboration that – for now – is not going to appear outside of fans’ imaginations. However, there is one aspect that could provide some much needed hope for those wanting to see a Doctor and Fortnite crossover in the future, aside from the previous collaboration.

Epic’s recent announcement of its collaboration with Disney could pave the way for a future Doctor collaboration, as Doctor Who is now also part of the Disney umbrella as of last year, with the latest episodes a co-production between BBC and Disney that means new episodes have international rights on Disney Plus.

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