The Finals fans rank weapons that most need nerfs and buffs in next update

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Like every other multiplayer game and shooter, The Finals is a live service experience that frequently gets updated by developer Embark Studios. A recent update was released a couple of days ago and it delivered nerfs to the SA1216. Following this update, fans have created a tier list ranking the weapons that most need nerfs and buffs in the next The Finals update.

You can find The Finals update 2.1.0 patch notes online to see all of Embark’s recent fixes and tweaks. It also provided a store update that added an item wanted by fans, and Season 2 has altogether been a blast thanks to a bevy of new weapons combined with a new map, new mode, and private matches.

Another update will be released in the very near future, and fans hoping it will provide nerfs and buffs to more than just one weapon.

The Finals weapons that most need nerfs and buffs

Below is a tier list created by the community that ranks The Finals weapons that most need nerfs and buffs:

  • Decent nerfs:
  • Slight nerfs:
  • Balanced/Mixed:
    • AKM
    • Flamethrower
    • CL-40
    • V95
    • M60
    • LH1
    • Model 1887
    • SH1900
    • M11
    • Lewis Gun
    • FAMAS
  • Slight buffs:
    • R.357
    • Throwing knives
    • Sword
    • SR-84
    • 93-R
    • KS-23 slug shotgun
  • Decent buffs:
    • Dagger
    • MGL32
    • Riot shield
    • Sledge hammer

The above tier list comes courtesy of Reddit user, ShadeVex. As you can see above, it ranks the weapons that need nerfs, buffs, and somewhat in-between.

The KS-23 slug shotgun is in need of buffs as it’s a terrible weapon even useless with headshots, meanwhile, fans have also complained that the stun gun for lights is stupid and completely unfair to other players.

In the Reddit replies, one user suggested ‘FAMAS gets a red dot sight and a hip fire spread reduction, and shotty [KS-23] gets projectile speed increase and maybe a headshot multiplier’. Another user replied ‘I want other things to be buffed instead of nerfed so they can compete with the FCAR’.

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