Letter to the editor: Too little too late for the federal NDP

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Re: Trudeau says he doesn’t understand why NDP is pulling back from carbon price support, online, April 12

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A recent report suggested that the Jagmeet Singh NDP could be wiped out in the next election. A number of its key MPs are already jumping ship. Most Canadian premiers and voters are against Justin Trudeau’s escalating carbon taxes. Singh is obviously seeing dark clouds gathering for his party should he continue blindly supporting Trudeau’s every radical policy.

By throwing his lot in with the Trudeau Liberals, which are now the party of the elites, Singh can no longer say his party supports the working class. Pierre Poilievre can now make that claim, as his huge rallies demonstrate.

This desperation move by Singh seems too little, too late to save his party. Also, the recent report that Singh is a very high-cost MP will not improve his party’s fortunes.

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Re: OSBORNE: Silence is acquiescence, online column, April 11

I think Michael Osborne is a bit pessimistic about Canada’s position at the United Nations, where it called for a “ceasefire without return of hostages as a precondition.” The UN General Assembly resolution that Canada supported calls for the unconditional release of hostages. It does not call for Israel to release any Palestinian prisoners in return.

As a practical matter, any negotiated solution is likely to require the exchange of prisoners for hostages, but I am glad that Canada is not requiring such an exchange. As long as the UN does not require Israel to release any prisoners, I think it is OK to suggest that a ceasefire might precede the release of hostages. I am sure that, if some hostages were not released within a short time, the ceasefire would come to an abrupt end.

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One thing Justin Trudeau is good at is electioneering, but basically nothing else. Is it me or are folks tired of the Obamaesque-David Axlerod school of politicking? Droning on with his nodding-dog comrades, his tie undone and his shirt sleeves rolled up as if to get his hands dirty. LOL. Unfortunately, we will be subjected to this charade for another 18 months until the next election. Jagmeet Singh has no intention of pulling the partnership plug.




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