Last Day on Earth bunker alpha codes for February

A quick recap on where to locate all Alpha bunker codes for Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a unique open-world, zombie apocalypse game. Unlike other zombie mobile games, Last Day on Earth: Survival provides you the freedom to create your survival story in whichever way you please.

Another influential factor in its popularity is its quick tutorial, getting the user prepped and ready to experience the zombie apocalypse within minutes. With that being said, the game has just released the newest set of codes for this month providing you the chance of finding and locating more alpha bunkers.

Since the game’s release a few years ago, the developers have been routinely releasing codes for alpha bunkers, which can be unlocked and found by tuning into certain wavelengths on your CB radio. When you eventually connect to the correct wavelengths, you’ll then be given access to certain alpha bunkers across the map, stuffed with certain items, weapons, and outfits. In the section below, we have the current and expired codes for alpha bunkers.


Upcoming and active alpha codes

  • February 23-24: 39981
  • February 25-26: 93603
  • February 27-28: 37581
  • February 29: 79230

Expired alpha codes

  • February 01-02: 71196
  • February 03-04: 11785
  • February 05-06: 13232
  • February 07-08: 31591
  • February 09-10: 17138
  • February 11-12: 72970
  • February 13-14: 25898
  • February 15-16: 51363
  • February 17-18: 19954
  • February 19-20: 98320
  • February 21-22: 83712

Finding alpha codes on CB radio can be a bit tedious at times. With that being said, your best bet is to locate the alpha code wavelengths first, before you begin to venture outside of your base. 

How to unlock the codes

As mentioned previously, unlocking the codes via the CB radio wavelengths is pretty straightforward. The only thing that may be a bit of a hassle is actually tuning the wavelengths to the correct feed to redeem each alpha bunker code. Here is a quick set of directions to help you locate the bunker alpha code without any delay:

  • Step 1: Go to your CB Radio at your base
  • Step 2: Begin scrolling the knob on your Radio to alter the wavelengths
  • Step 3: Keep changing the wavelength until it lands on the number of the specific alpha bunker code you were looking for

Hope this helps! Stay posted for when the next batch of alpha bunker codes is released. For similar articles, take a peek at the Top Heroes codes, Soul Strike codes that will get you summon tickets and transmog scrolls, and Rush Royale promo codes.