Kill The Justice League’s Most Exciting Leak Isn’t Character-Related


  • The upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League game is rumored to get some interesting game modes post-launch, offering diverse content for players to enjoy.
  • The horde mode mentioned in the leak could draw inspiration from successful games like Call of Duty Zombies, and it supposedly incorporating online and offline play options is promising.
  • The game may also feature a multiplayer experience similar to Destiny 2’s Gambit, where players battle AI enemies while interfering with another team’s progress.

As can be expected from a game focused on playable supervillains and anti-heroes, the part of the big Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League leak that fans have focused the most on is its upcoming characters. Rumors about Killer Croc and Deathstroke have been major topics of discussion, especially given the ferocity of Arkhamverse Croc and the enduring popularity of Slade Wilson. Other potential characters, such as Killer Frost, have also garnered hype from fans. However, the other parts of the leak warrant conversation.

According to comments made by reputable leaker Miller Ross and reported on via Metro UK, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will supposedly receive some interesting game modes after it releases, giving players plenty to do after they complete the title’s story missions and open-world content. While having new ways to play is a good sign for the live service title’s seasons, as it means that there will be plenty of content variety within them, the actual concepts for the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League modes sound ambitious and exciting.


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Breaking Down Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s Leaked Modes

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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s Horde Mode Has a Simple Path to Success

One of the most exciting leaks for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is its horde mode. Not only can Rocksteady pull from its own content to make sure such a mode plays well, as Endless Knight from Batman: Arkham Knight was a great example of how well the concept can work within a superhero game, but it can also look to the wider industry for inspiration. Call of Duty Zombies has built a cult following due to its phenomenal survival gameplay, while even singleplayer titles like The Callisto Protocol have delivered on the premise through Riot Mode. Dubbed “Raising Hell,” the mode will supposedly be accessible through both online play and in Kill The Justice League’s planned offline mode. As long as it has quality rewards and a good sense of progression, this mode could keep players hooked for hours on end.

Suicide Missions were another gameplay mechanic mentioned by leaker Miller Ross, and though the former Marvel’s Avengers insider does not have much information on them, it is believed that they will be raids. Considering how long it took Marvel’s Avengers to receive a challenging raid, it is exciting that Rocksteady already has plans in place for this feature.

Suicide Squad’s Gambit-Like Mode Could Be a Game-Changer

With Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League emphasizing co-op gameplay, the notion that it could receive a multiplayer experience of sorts is as surprising as it is exciting. Miller Ross has described the mode as a “distant cousin” of Destiny 2’s Gambit, an intriguing PvPvE experience that sees players battling AI foes while sabotaging another team of players. Whether “QVK” will see players invading these other teams of four or sending enemies their way to stall their progression is unclear, but with some impressive social features in place for Rocksteady’s upcoming game, it could certainly support such a mode. Like with the horde mode, exclusive rewards to chase within this mode will play a key part in keeping players coming back.

QVK will supposedly see players working to earn favor with a “sadistic villain” after being pulled into “multiversal rifts,” which could suggest that the mode will have some neat narrative elements. Considering how great Rocksteady’s storytelling was in the Batman: Arkham games, it will be interesting to see how it handles a multiverse. The identity of this “sadistic villain” is also intriguing to consider, as anyone from Darkseid to Mr. Mind could suit the limited description provided for this mastermind. If it really does receive a competitive multiplayer mode and a horde mode in addition to its open-world and story content, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League could be filled with highly replayable content that keeps it relevant for years.