How to Get Summer Squash Seeds

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The 1.6 update to Stardew Valley introduces a new type of seed that you need to forage to find. You can tell which seeds are forage seeds because they come in rustic sacks instead of the normal seed bags.

Stardew Valley features four forage seeds: one for each season. As you might expect from the name, the seed for summer is the Summer Squash. Summer Squash doesn’t feature in any food recipes, but you can still make a good profit on them (especially since you never have to pay money to get their seeds).


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How to Find Summer Squash Seeds

Stardew Valley Forage Seed Spot

The most consistent way to find Summer Squash Seeds is by digging up special treasure spots. Doing so will get you one or two sets of seeds for each one you find.

Something to keep in mind is that the treasure spots for forage seeds look different from normal treasure spots. Normal treasure spots feature three short black strands that seem to wiggle in the wind. Treasure spots that yield forage seeds have a longer central strand, and the tips of all three are green instead of black. Forage seeds can appear in normal regions of Stardew Valley, but you can also find them on the beach and in Calico Desert. These are the best places to hunt for forage seeds since most of the ground is diggable.

Timing is also an important factor. Summer Squash Seeds will show up in forage seed spots during the last week of spring and the first three weeks of summer. Before then, you’ll find Carrot Seeds, and after then you’ll find Broccoli Seeds. This also applies to the forage seeds you find by breaking crates in the Mines.

You can also trade for Summer Squash Seeds at the raccoon trader once you fulfill the raccoon’s first request and help him find a wife. The price of one seed is 15 Sap, which you should have no trouble gathering from Cindersap Forest. You’ll also get a load of Summer Squash Seeds as a reward for completing that first request.

How to Grow and Use Summer Squash

Stardew Valley Summer Squash Crop

Summer Squash plants reach maturity six days after you plant them. After that, you can expect a new Summer Squash from each plant every three days.

The base value of a Summer Squash is 45g, and you can get 90g from an iridium-grade squash. This makes them slightly more valuable than Hot Peppers, which have a similar growth and regrowth cycle and are also a summer crop.

Summer Squash count as a vegetable, which means you can create Summer Squash Juice by adding them to a Keg or Summer Squash Pickles by placing them in a Preserves Jar. The base value of the juice is 101g, and the base value of the pickles is 140g. Sadly, Summer Squash doesn’t appear in any recipes, so pickling the squash is your best way to use them to generate profits.

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