Kids educational game Math Makers debuts new Easter event

  • Math Makers is a game focused on teaching your child mathematics in a fun and engaging way
  • The latest update includes unlockable, Easter-themed items
  • You can find Math Makers on both iOS and Android

Kids educational game Math Makers is set to debut a new seasonal event to celebrate the Easter holidays. Players will be able to unlock special themed items when playing during the event that they can then use for decorations or share with the in-game characters.

Math Makers is a subscription-based educational game that challenges kids to go through more than 600 exercises to learn maths in a fun and engaging way. It comes from developer Ululabs who have specialised in the educational game genre, including their Slice Fractions series. Math Makers offers physics-based puzzles that teach your kids about everything from fractions to addition, subtractions, place value and more.

Equations for Easter

We’ve all probably struggled with maths in the past, and if you’re of a certain age you’ll remember when ‘math games’ were either flash games with no bearing on maths, or the kind of thing that would be so boring you’d crave a textbook instead. Fortunately, if you’re a mobile gamer with younger children nowadays, you don’t need to worry about them rotting their brains with YouTube, but instead teach them maths through gameplay.

However, those subscribing in the hopes of teaching their kids might be hoping for a slightly beefier update to engage with their kids during the Easter period. Still, this update is probably a welcome one for adding a little more interactivity to their child’s learning journey.

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