WoW SoD Phase 3: Rogue BIS Gear Guide

Find the best in slot (BIS) items for the Rogue Class in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3.

Rogues in Phase 3 of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery (SoD) are poised to make a comeback with new Phase 3 runes, powerful talents and loot that can be acquired from the Sunken Temple raid, Artisan level crafting professions, new quests, PVP and reputation rewards.

Rogues were low on the DPS Tier list in the Phase 2 raid, Gnomeregan, due to mechanical mobs having high armor and being immune to poison. Now that Phase 3 has officially launched, Rogues have an opportunity to climb back up on the DPS meters. The swords and daggers of a Rogue are highly effective against the serpents of Sunken Temple.


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For the most part, the stat priority for Rogues in SoD is:

  1. Hit %
  2. Agility (1 Attack Power for each point of Agility and +Crit/Dodge Chance)
  3. Strength & Attack Power (1 Strength = 1 Attack Power in Classic WoW)
  4. Stamina

Below you will find the Phase 3 BIS items for Rogues.

Phase 3 was launched on April 4th, 2024 and the BiS list for Rogues are subject to change as players reach the level 50 cap. This guide will be updated as more information is discovered.

WoW: SoD Phase 3 Rogue Best in Slot Gear

Rogue BIS Gear Enchantments Phase 3




Lesser Arcanum of Voracity – +8 Agility


Enchant Cloak – Lesser Agility – +3 Agility


Enchant Chest – Greater Stats – +4 All Stats


Enchant Bracer – Superior Strength +9 Strength


Enchant Gloves – Greater Agility – +7 Agility


Lesser Arcanum of Voracity – +8 Agility


Enchant Boots – Greater Agility – +7 Agility

Main Hand

Enchant Weapon – Agility – +15 Agility

Off Hand

Enchant Weapon – Agility – +15 Agility

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