Kagurabachi Chapter 16 Release Date


  • In Kagurabachi Chapter 15, fans learn about the background of Char and her special powers.
  • Chihiro demonstrates his evolved skills and defeats sorcerers using his technique called Kuro Scatter.
  • In Kagurabachi Chapter 16, Chihiro takes Char away from the facility and they may confront Sojo in a final battle.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for chapter 15 of Kagurabachi, by Takeru Hokazono, translated by Camellia Nieh, and lettered by Phil Christie, now available in English from Viz Media.

Kagurabachi fans were treated to another immense chapter in which the author covered Char’s background. Fans did not know much about the young girl, so it was obvious that the author would have delved into her past at one point or another. Kagurabachi Chapter 15 started with a flashback where Char and her mother are talking about their special powers. Her mother told Char not to tell anyone about her ability. She admitted that in the past she had told her husband, but he got scared and ran away.

Then the story went back to the present day, when Chihiro was confronting the sorcerers. One of them got overconfident and lunged, thinking the hero could not do anything in his condition, but he was about to learn a very valuable lesson. In next to no time, Chihiro sliced off a chunk of the sorcerer’s torso, which petrified those around them.


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The True Power Of Kuro Scatter

kagurabachi 16 chihiro

Chihiro used a technique called Kuro Scatter to dispatch the enemies in the room. He explained that it was a combination of multiple mini-attacks that allowed him to create more rapid slashes. It was also confirmed that he had created the technique with the help of instinct and total concentration.

The other guards and sorcerers in the area could not even get close to him, which shows that the hero has drastically evolved and is on a much higher level than his enemies. Using his brute force, he got rid of two more sorcerers who were guarding Char. As he finally saw Char, he gave her some food, and she was extremely overwhelmed. Char had tears running down her eyes when she asked Chihiro why it took him so long.

Chihiro And Char Break Out Of The Facility

kagurabachi ch 16 leaks char crying

In Kagurabachi Chapter 16, Chihiro will take Char away from the laboratory. It is quite clear that she has suffered a lot in captivity. Char’s mother tried to help her escape, but it didn’t take long for the criminals to catch the young girl and once again carry out various inhuman experiments on her. As she finally leaves the place for good, Char might ruminate a bit more about her past.

It also appears that Char has the ability to heal others, but it requires a person to wish for it. This means that she can heal Chihiro’s injuries, and she is going to become an extremely valuable ally to the hero in the future. As they leave the building, Chihiro and Char should meet up with Shiba. It makes sense for Char to leave the place with Shiba, as her safety is the highest priority.

Sojo Obliterates The Kamunabi And Escapes

kagurabachi chapter 16 spoilers sojo

Many people speculated whether Sojo would survive the onslaught of the Kamunabi, especially after they found a way to bypass his abilities. In Kagurabachi chapter 16, Sojo will be making a return to action. The Kamumabi may have had the advantage for the majority of the battle, but counting out someone of Sojo’s caliber would be foolish. If anything, it is possible that Sojo took the opportunity to evolve and better himself.

If this is the case, the Kamunabi is in extreme danger. Since Sojo possesses the Cloud Gouger, he can easily turn the tide of battle with a single attack. Sojo is not one who will lay down his weapons willingly, so he will definitely try to push the Kamunabi to their limits. It is very likely that Sojo may have learned more about the sword, and he might end up killing a few of the Kamunabi, then make his way back to the same location as Chihiro to set up things for round two.

Chihiro vs. Sojo

kagurabachi chapter 16 release date chihiro

Both the characters have had life-changing experiences, which helped them learn more about the enchanted blades. In Kagurabachi Chapter 16, fans will get a chance to see the two most exciting characters in action. The two had previously engaged in an exhilarating battle, which had to be cut short after Chihiro took a powerful attack head-on without any protection. The first fight between the two seemed very one-sided, as Sojo had better control over his sword. But the second round is going to be a lot different.

This time, both of them are wounded, and Sojo can’t pull any dirty tricks like he did last time. Despite his condition, Chihiro is a much stronger opponent than the Kamunabi, so Sojo has to be on his toes. This may end up being the final fight between Sojo and Chihiro for a long time. There is also the possibility that the villain might not appear again in the story if Chihiro kills him. Either way, after chapter 16, Sojo may not be appearing in front of the readers for a long time.

Kagurabachi Chapter 16 will be released on January 5, 2024. Fans can read the chapter for free on Viz Media.

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