How To Get Shiny Combee And Shiny Vespiquen

Pokemon GO players can get all Shiny Combee variants during events like Bug Out 2024 that feature them. Combee’s Standard and Shiny variants are wild spawns, and featured events boost the probability of getting them. Those who manage to get a Shiny Combee can later get a Shiny Vespiquen without much hassle.

Pokemon GO monsters don’t have any difference in stats or Combat Power (CP) between their Standard and Shiny variants, so both Combee and Shiny Combee have identical prowess. Combee is a dual Bug and Flying-type Pokemon with a maximum CP of 559, which increases further after it has evolved. Regarding Vespiquen, it is of the same typing, and its maximum CP can reach a whopping 2267. That said, this guide details the best way to get Shiny Combee and Shiny Vespiquen in the game.


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Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Combee

Shiny Combee in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO developers at Niantic have set Shiny Combee as a wild spawn, which often gets featured in events. As a featured monster during events, players can encounter wild Combee more frequently than on regular days. While there is no surefire way to ensure a Shiny encounter, players can use the boosted spawn rate during events to their advantage.

Some Pokemon GO items can also boost the wild spawn rate for monsters. Lure Modules, Incense, and the Weather Boost feature can significantly increase the wild spawn rate around specific areas. The more Standard variants players encounter, the quicker they may reach Combee’s Shiny odds.

Combee experiences boosted wild spawn rate around areas with rainy and windy weather. Pokemon GO trainers must look for a PokeStop or Gym within such weather conditions, attach a Lure Module, activate an Incense, and walk around that specific spot. When used simultaneously during events that already boost Combee’s spawn rate, their effects stack together and notably increase the monster’s wild spawn rate. The boosted spawn rate may help players encounter numerous Combee and reach its Shiny odds.


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Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Vespiquen

Shiny Vespiquen in Pokemon GO

After catching a Shiny Combee, players can proceed to get a Shiny Vespiquen. One must evolve their Shiny Combee to get a Shiny Vespiquen. Keep in mind that only a Female Shiny Combee can evolve into a Shiny Vespiquen, the same as their Shiny variant. Apart from the gender of Combee players, 50 Pokemon GO Candy are required to evolve successfully.

Pokemon GO players can get the required Combee Candy through various methods. One can catch and transfer numerous Combee, make Combee their Buddy Pokemon and do daily activities; also, completing Research tasks featuring Combee or its evolution might reward Combee Candy.

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