September 29, 2023

Ubisoft plans to close its London mobile studio, best known for the Hungry Shark series.

54 positions are under threat as a result of the proposed closure.

The Hungry Shark franchise will now be managed by Ubisoft Barcelona, which had already been supporting the IP. Over one billion Hungry Shark games have been downloaded since the series launched in 2010.

Ubisoft London was set up in 2009 as Future Games of London. After the initial succes of Hungry Shark, Ubisoft acquired the developer in 2013.

The news follows a series of cuts at Ubisoft across the business, which the firm announced it would make after lowering its sales forecasts in January.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and reduce costs, we are proposing the consolidation of the ongoing management of the Hungry Shark franchise at our Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile studio, which already oversees a portion of it,” Ubisoft said in a statement.

“In this context and following UK regulations, we are engaging in consultations with our Ubisoft London team regarding the proposed closure of the studio, which would impact 54 positions. We are sincerely grateful to our colleagues in London for all their passionate contributions to making the franchise what it is today, and we are committed to supporting them throughout the process with the utmost consideration.”

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