How to make a flying machine in LEGO Fortnite

There are tons of fantastic creations players have made in LEGO Fortnite, but are you interested in knowing how to make a flying machine?

This is a fully-working flying machine that allows you to not only fly high into the sky, but steer as well. Here’s how to make it for yourself.

LEGO Fortnite: How to create a flying vehicle

While there are already a few different tutorials available online, I’m specifically going to base this guide off of Youtuber Tamara89Gaming and their incredible build. It only took me around 10 minutes to create, so here’s how you can make a flying machine in LEGO Fortnite.

First off, you’ll want to make sure you have the required materials if you’re creating this in a survival world:

  • x6 Granite Foundations (4x4x2)
  • x1 Dynamic Foundation
  • x4 Rustic Railing 01 (1x8x2)
  • x2 Plank Railing 01 (1x6x6)
  • x2 Umber Half Wall (2x2x6)
  • x2 Rustic Beam 02 (2x8x2)
  • x2 Rustic Beam 01 (2x6x2)
  • x6 Small Thrusters
  • x3 Activation Switches
  • x4 Log Half Wall 01 (2x2x6)
  • x2 Rustic Floor 01 (8x4x1)
  • x4 Small Balloons

1. Laying the foundations

Screenshot: PC Invasion

First off, place the six Granite Foundations in a tower on top of each other to act as a support for the build. The Dynamic Foundation then goes on top. Next, place four Rustic Railings like the image above. The two together on each side should have three spaces between each other. For accuracy, use the arrow keys to nudge pieces into the correct spaces, as it’s important to make the perfect build.

After that you’ll place down the two Plank Railings horizontally, three spaces away from the Rustic Railings. These next pieces are just supports, but their placements matter. The Umber Half Walls go in between the Rustic Railings like so, then you want to place the Rustic Beam 02 on each Rustic Railing right in the middle to make a “T” shape.

Rustic Beams
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finally, place one Rustic Beam 01 on the ends of each Rustic Beam 02. Make sure these will fit into the railings once you destroy the Umber Half Walls later on, as they’ll drop right onto the foundation.

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2. Thrusters and Switches

  • How To Make A Flying Machine In Lego Fortnite Thrusters
  • Activation Switches

Now you can start placing the mechanical parts. On the opposite ends from each Rustic Beam 01, place a Small Thruster on each Rustic Beam 02. These will act as your turning Thrusters. The last four Thrusters will go under your Dynamic Foundation in each of the four corners. These will bring you into the air.

  • How To Make A Flying Machine In Lego Fortnite Destroy
  • Rustic Floor

Next up, place one Activation Switch at the front, then two on top of each Rustic Beam 01. Now you can break the two Umber Half Walls holding them up, and if placed correctly, they’ll fall perfectly onto your flying machine between the fences.

After that you want to cover them with the two Rustic Floors 01. Place them on top on both railings so you can only see the Activation Switches and Thrusters.

3. Balloons and legs

  • How To Make A Flying Machine In Lego Fortnite Legs
  • Balloons

The last parts of this build has you figure out whether you want long or short legs for when your machine lands. I went for the Short Landing Legs, which are the four Log Half Walls 01. They’ll go under your flying machine so it can rest on the ground. Finally, you can place the four balloons.

In the video, the YouTuber was able to place each balloon in the corners of the Dynamic Foundation. For some reason my two back corners were covered, but my machine still worked when I placed the two evenly at the back. Try to get all four balloons evenly on the machine so it can float in the air without tipping.

That’s all you have to do to create this amazing flying machine! It worked perfectly for me, and if you want you can add chests for storage on it. Now you should check out our build guide on how to create a monorail in LEGO Fortnite.