How To Grow Moss Trees In Stardew Valley (Mossy Seed Guide)

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If you’ve experienced a green rain day in the summer of Stardew Valley, you might notice the strange trees growing in the area. These rare trees come from Mossy Seeds, which can be found in any season, despite their rarity. Having these trees on your farm will add a bit more personality and new surroundings to explore.

There are a few ways that you can obtain Mossy Seeds and use them on your farm to create a new batch of trees. If you’re curious how you can find some of your own and plant them on your farm, here’s what you need to do.


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How to Find Mossy Seeds in Stardew Valley

Although Mossy Seeds and Mossy Trees appear on green rain days in summer, there’s also the possibility of finding Mossy Seeds during any season. For example, you are able to dig up some Mossy Seeds on your farm in winter, which will appear as seeds in the ground with two spikes, like horns.

You’ll be more likely to stumble on some Mossy Seeds on your farm if you have a section with a lot of wild trees. We highly recommend saving an area of your farm for picking up wild resources, such as fiber, wood, and even Mossy Seeds. Areas that are more ‘unkempt’ will more likely have rare resources appear randomly.

Outside of finding some of these seeds on your farm, you can also just take advantage of any green rain day that appears in summer. During this time, you can use any of the following methods to get some seeds:


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How to Use Mossy Seeds in Stardew Valley

Image of a character planting a Mossy Seed in Stardew Valley

After you’ve obtained some Mossy Seeds, you can plant them wherever you’d like on your farm. However, it is important to note that if you plant them in winter, they won’t start growing until spring rolls around.

You can place the seeds in any area that isn’t tilled soil. After you plant the seed in the ground, it will take around a month to become fully grown, like most trees in the game. If you have multiple Mossy Seeds in your inventory, it’s a good idea to place them all nearby to each other to promote growth of new Moss Trees, and allow each tree to frequently regrow moss on it for you to harvest. You can get the moss from each tree by using any tool you have available.

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