Fortnite players in shock after recent V-Bucks refund

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With a 950 V-Bucks refund added to many accounts, Fortnite players are still in shock at gaining the in-game currency. The amount allows you to gain the new Battle Pass effectively for free. Plenty will do this to earn even more rewards – including additional V-Bucks! The Greek gods have taken over the island in Chapter 5 Season 2 and the Battle Pass lets you unlock skins of the four new Olympian boss characters, among an array of other goodies.

The Fortnite community can’t believe their luck at the moment. Several refunds of V-Bucks or XP have been issued over the past few weeks. But what is the reason behind the recent refund?

What is going on with the Fortnite V-Bucks refund?

No one would complain about being granted 950 V-Bucks when they log in to Fortnite. However, this can’t have just come out of nowhere, there has to be a reason Epic Games has given this out for free.

There has still not been an official announcement from Epic Games for the shock V-Bucks refund in Fortnite. This has led to the community jumping on various forums to discuss the matter. Adding to the intrigue is the fact that some players also gained a car for use in Battle Royale and Rocket Racing.

Image via Epic Games

Players are reporting various combinations of refunds. Many just got the V-Bucks, others just the car, and some got both. This should help with solving the mystery as to why the refund was issued. However, the community still can’t figure it out!

The general consensus is this is a refund offered by Epic Games after a glitch reset players’ Battle Passes, reducing their level to 1, or showing that the Battle Pass was no longer owned. The official @FortniteStatus account on X (formerly Twitter) has acknowledged that issue and said “An update will be provided as soon as we have more information to share.” At the time of writing, a further update has not been released.

If you weren’t one of the lucky players to gain the 950 V-Bucks refund in Fortnite, don’t worry! You can find out how to gain free Fortnite skins with our guide. Also, find out how to earn free V-Bucks, so you can obtain the items you always wanted.