How To Get Jump Pack (& How to Use It)

When you land on an alien-infested planet, the first thing you will need is something that can get you from one place to another. The map in Helldivers 2 is huge, and it can take a lot of time to move around from one place to another. Gratefully, the Lift-850 Jump Pack is here to help. This handy piece of equipment gives players a huge advantage when playing.

To outplay monsters, aliens, and ruthless robots with ease, the Jump Pack is a necessity. This jetpack not only enhances your mobility but also allows you to traverse terrain more swiftly than ever before. If you want to get your hands on it, you’re in the right place as this article discusses everything you need to know about Lift-850.


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How To Get & Use a Jump Pack

Fighting a Terminid swarm in Helldivers 2

The lift-850 Jump Pack in Helldivers 2 can be unlocked when players reach Level 8. You will also need to unlock the Ship Management menu with 6,000 Requisitions. Once done, proceed with the following steps.

Calling the Stratagem

Stratagems are special powerful tools that you can call down during battle. In Helldivers 2, there are different stratagems, such as tactical airstrikes, support turrets, and more. During the game, you will need to call in the Jump Pack Stratagem. By entering the following code, you will initiate the process of calling the Lift-850 Jump pack:

Throw the Strategem wherever you would like it to spawn and pick it up once it’s here. The Jump Pack will now be available for you to use.

Call the Jump Pack in a safe area, having it dropped in an enemy-infested area could be troublesome.

Using the Jump Pack

Helldivers 2 characters and monsters

Once you have called in the Jump Pack, equip it for your character. Now press and hold X on the console or Spacebar on the PC to turn it on. The thrusters will be activated and you can initiate your launch.

The thrusters have a very limited time of use, though they can get players from one point to another efficiently. On the other hand, acquiring the Jump Pack would incredibly help you gain an advantage over your competitors and keep you out of trouble during combat.

Do keep an eye on the Jump Pack’s charge. It can be seen in the lower left space of your screen. Once the charge is empty, it will turn red.


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February 8, 2024

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