Pokemon Go kicks off its series of updates with new avatar customisation

  • Design your avatars even more intricately than before
  • Change body measurements, skin tones, eye colours, expressions, and more
  • New clothing and accessory options added as well

A couple of days ago, Niantic had revealed that were rebuilding Pokémon Go from the ground up with a whole host of new features. From enhanced customisation options to a new UI, your entire experience is about to be elevated over the next few weeks. The process has already begun as the first update has just dropped, bringing a whole host of new avatar personalisation features to the beloved AR game.

This marks the first significant change to the avatar system since Pokémon Go’s launch in 2016, offering you a wide range of options to showcase your own style. With the latest update to both the Style Shop and avatars, you now have access to a myriad of exciting customisation options.

From adjustable body weights to eye colours, skin tones, new facial expressions, and hairstyles, the possibilities for personalisation are endless. Whether you prefer short, medium, or long hairstyles, the perfect cut is waiting for you in the Style Shop.

But that’s not all. The new avatar system goes into even finer detail, allowing you to design your avatar’s body with options for adjusting weight, muscle, shoulders, chest, and hips. Finally, use the advanced colour presets for skin tone, hair, and eyes, and recreate a digital copy of yourself to make your journey as a Pokémon trainer even more immersive.

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To access all these new features, you must simply visit the Appearance section of the Style Shop and start customising. Of course, a bunch of clothing and accessory items will be free, but you can get more exclusive ones in exchange for PokéCoins or through in-game achievements.

This is just the beginning of a series of updates in Pokémon Go. The next one releases on April 22nd, bringing changes to the title’s UI that will dynamically change according to real-world surroundings.

Begin customising by downloading Pokémon Go now for free.