How to Get Calming Deflection in Blade Ball

In Blade Ball, unlocking the Calming Deflection ability hinges on your Clan’s collaborative efforts to reach specific levels and upgrades. To achieve this, your Clan must gather Crowns or Clan Points, upgrading areas like Welfare and Coin Earning, among others. This guide outlines the journey to level your Clan and unlock this new ability.

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Blade Ball Calming Deflection – How to Get

Players need to start a Blade Ball clan and get it to Level 2, along with specific upgrade level requirements to get the new ability, Calming Deflection. Currently, there is no other way to get Calming Deflection without being part of a clan.

Your Clan, or the Clan you are in, needs the following to unlock Calming Deflection:

  • Required Clan Level
  • Required Upgrade Levels
    • Welfare Level 6
    • Coin Earning Level 6
    • Luck Level 4
    • Size Level 5

To upgrade each of the upgrade levels, you must acquire Crowns or Clan Points. These Crowns are a new type of currency used specifically for clans. Or you can purchase Clan Points for real-world money to boost your Clan quickly that way.

In the clan menu, click on Upgrades & Abilities, then click on Upgrades in the top right corner. This will show all four of the upgrades you can level up. Click on each: Welfare, Coin Earning, Luck, and Size. So, we’ll start with Welfare. Donating Crowns in Welfare will slowly fill the grey experience bar with gold. Once the entire bar is gold, it will reset, and you will gain a level. You must do this for each upgrade repeatedly until you are at the level required to get Calming Deflection.

Image: Keirzy – Roblox

You are not alone in donating Crowns. This is a clan-wide effort. Every player must donate Crowns or Clan Points (if they choose to purchase them) to level up each of these four upgrade categories so you can earn levels faster. One person doing this alone will take too long. A group effort will take a long time but nowhere near as long as solo.

Ultimately, purchasing Clan Points is the fastest way to level up these upgrades. However, it takes one person to spend 25,000 Clan points, which costs 25,000 Robux, to get Coin Earning to Level 4. It took another 65,000 Clan Points to reach Level 6 finally. That’s 90,000 Clan Points to level up one upgrade to Level 6.

Do note that if you donate Crowns, you cannot spam donate. There is a 30-minute cooldown after each donation before you can do so again.

How to Get Crowns in Blade Ball

To get Crowns in Blade Ball, you need to earn them by completing daily and Weekly missions. Completing these missions will earn Trophies (Activity Points) and Crowns. You can find these missions by clicking on Earn Crowns and then Missions on the right side of the screen.

All Trophies earned will go towards the Clan’s weekly activity rewards and, at specific increments, will reward crowns. So, for example, at 700 and 1,700 Activity Points, you will get 15 Crowns and 20 Crowns.

Roblox Blade Ball Clan Activity Rewards
Image: Keirzy – Roblox

All players in your Clan earn Crowns and Activity Points separately, so this is a team or clan effort. Everyone needs to pull their weight, complete Daily/Weekly missions, and then donate to one of the four upgrades.