The First Descendant: How To Rank Up Your Mastery

Leveling up your Descendant is as important as ranking up the Mastery in The First Descendant. Without the higher level, you will struggle to take down tough enemies and will die easily. This guide explains how to get Mastery XP and rank up in the game.

How To Rank Up Mastery

Source: NEXON Games via Gamepur

Mastery Rank is achieved by playing main or side missions, raising a gun’s proficiency, or leveling up your Descendant. All of these factors contribute towards earning the Mastery XP.

The Mastery Rank is visible below your Descendant level when you explore the ‘Inventory’ menu screen. As you accrue more XP, the bar will fill and eventually turn into a ‘Rank Up Available‘ message over the XP bar.

This means your Descendant is now ready to rank up to the Mastery level.

What To Do After ‘Mastery Rank Up Available’ Message?

The First Descendant - Albion map showing for Arche Factor Manipulator
Source: NEXON Games via Gamepur

You cannot rank up from the character inventory even if you see the ‘Rank Up Available’ message. For this, you will need to go back to Albion.

Once you are at Albion, visit the Arche Factor Manipulator on the East side. You can find a hand-print icon on the Albion’s map. You will find a giant mechanized hand beside the activation terminal.

Interact with the Prime Hands activation terminal and hover over the on-screen options and a shortcut scene will play. The mechanized hand will strengthen your Descendant as he or she ranks up the Mastery level.

Why Mastery Ranks Are Important

The First Descendant- All Mastery Rank benefits
Source: NEXON Games via Gamepur

Mastery Rank benefits your character’s gear by increasing the following elements:

  • Descendant Module capacity and slots
  • Weapon Module capacity and slots
  • Equipment inventory slots
  • Consumable Inventory slots
  • Shape Stabilizer inventory limit slots

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