How to Find the Snowball Launcher

Fortnite hosts a few major events throughout the year. With the end of 2023 right around the corner, Winterfest is now live, which means that the festive quests and items have returned at last. Players will be happy to know that some classic Winterfest items have been unvaulted and now can be obtained in-game.


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This guide will tell players where to get the Snowball Launcher in Fortnite, which has been added but not in the way most players would have expected – here is everything they need to know.

Updated on December 17, 2023, by Ashely Claudino: With the release of the Winterfest update, there are now other ways to retrieve the Fortnite Snowball Launcher – it’s no longer an NPC purchase exclusive item. We’ve updated this guide so that it includes other methods of finding the Snowball Launcher.

Where to Find the Snowball Launcher

holiday boxy npc sells snowball launcher and gameplay

The players who land on the Battle Royale island after jumping out of the Battle Bus aren’t the only ones who inhabit it. Quite a few NPCs can be found on the multiple named locations and landmarks of the island.

Although some NPCs can be quite hostile and will attack on sight, many are friendly and will actually provide useful services and sell unique items that can’t be obtained any other way, and this is the case with Holiday Boxy, an NPC that was added to the game for Winterfest. Holiday Boxy is inside the shipping factory near Fencing Fields, and they sell the Snowball Launcher for 600 gold bars.

The Snowball Launcher can be found in chests and as floor loot, but this is completely up to RNG so purchasing it from Holiday Boxy is the only way to ensure that you’ll get the Snowball Launcher in Fortnite.

How to Use the Snowball Launcher

using snowball launcher to break builds

The Snowball Launcher is very similar to the Grenade Launcher, as it throws out projectile explosives that will deal damage to any opponents within reach. In this case, its projectiles are lethal snowballs that explode immediately on impact.

Before the Winterfest event update, the Snowball Launcher could be reloaded with a maximum of six rockets, but this number has now been reduced to a total of four rockets.

Since Holiday Boxy only sells this weapon’s Epic rarity variant, it deals a total of 53 damage if it hits the target. On top of this, it’s great for taking down enemy builds in order to break their cover and take them by surprise



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