Survival: Fountain of Youth – How to Get Drinking Water

Survival: Fountain of Youth is a sandbox survival game that puts players in the shoes of a shipwreck survivor left on a seemingly uninhabited island and tasked with gathering clues about the whereabouts of his fellow shipmates and uncovering the mysteries surrounding the island.

Before he is able to do any of that, though, the player character has to find ways to deal with the deadly wildlife, the unforgiving weather, and the constant lack of basic needs like food, shelter, and, of course, water. While the islands are surrounded by water on all sides in the form of the sea, salt water is not suitable for drinking. To find water to quench their thirst, players will have to look elsewhere.

How to Get Water in Survival: Fountain of Youth

Water is a relatively abundant resource if you know where to look. Here are all the options players have for getting drinking water:

Green Coconuts

In the early game, Coconuts are the best items to look for when low on water. Consuming an Opened Green Coconut gives players +30 to their water meter in the Normal Difficulty. Just three of them will be able to see players through the whole day.

Ripe Coconuts provide less water and more food.

Coconuts can be found in two ways:

  • Lying on the ground: Look for the telltale green skin of a Coconut to pick them up.
  • On Palm Trees: Palm trees with Coconuts to offer tend to be on the larger side of things. Players can also identify them by tilting the camera and looking for the coconuts underneath the leaves.

To eat a Coconut, players will first need to pick one up, select it from the inventory, and click on Blueprints. Select the ‘Opened Green Coconut’ recipe to get an open coconut and Eat it to restore thirst.

Rainwater Collectors

coconut rain water collector in survival fountain of youth

Weather in Survival: Fountain of Youth tends to change quite often, and in a reflection of reality, all rainwater is drinkable. However, to get rainwater, players must build a rainwater collector and place it outside.

Once placed, players can return to the collector to get drinking water after it has rained.

Water Source

From the captain’s map players obtain during the main story, they can identify the locations of two water sources on the Island of Hope. These water sources are not lakes or rivers; they’re just larger, native-made clay rainwater collectors. Like rainwater collectors, the water inside these ‘water sources’ only appears after rainfall and evaporates over time.

Water Distiller

water distiller in survival fountain of youth

Players will be able to make a basic Water Distiller with a Fired Pot, a Bamboo Stick, a Clay Brick, and a Long Stick. Water Distillers can convert seawater to fresh water by boiling the salt water to get drinking water, allowing players to get a permanent solution to the water problem.

Players will need a water container like a Coconut Flask to carry the water to and from the Distiller.

Living Water

living water in survival fountain of youth

Living Water is an island-exclusive item that serves both as a means of recovering thirst and as a potent medicine. Players can get a bottle of living water during the tutorial, but it’s best not to use it just for thirst since there are more accessible alternatives, and living water is relatively rare.

In the True Survivor difficulty setting, consuming Living Water restores lives.

Other Food Items

orange in survival fountain of youth

Food items sometimes refill both the water and the hunger meter when consumed. To check which items quench thirst and by how much, click on the food item in your inventory and read the description on the bottom right. The important figures are highlighted in green. Players will also be able to tell if a food item restores thirst by checking their thirst bar at the bottom of the screen. If the bar fills up with green when a food item is selected, eating that item will restore the thirst meter by that amount.


Survival: Fountain of Youth

April 19, 2023

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