How to Complete the SAI-O-NARA Klue in Season 3 of Invasion Mode

Given how repetitive the Invasions Mode of Mortal Kombat 1 can sometimes be, the Klue nodes found in each of the six main Mesas usually offer up a refreshing change of pace. Sadly, this is not the case with the SAI-O-NARA Klue, which, much like the PHI PHO WIRRAOR Klue from the previous season of Invasions, can be incredibly frustrating due to how obscure the solution is.


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At least this time it’s clear which kombatant players should be using, though the solution is anything but. Worse still, if players level up too much, it’s possible to become too strong to complete the SAI-O-NARA Klue*, meaning that Mortal Kombat 1 players will need to tackle it early or risk missing out on the rewards for good. Thankfully, after a fair amount of testing, we have the SAI-O-NARA Klue solution right here.

* Although it’s possible to reset assignable stat points in Invasions Mode, every kombatant grows stronger each time the player’s Invasions level goes up. After reaching Level 10 or 11, Mileena’s lowest possible Attack stat is too high to complete the requirements for the SAI-O-NARA Klue.

How to Solve the SAI-O-NARA Klue in Mortal Kombat 1


To complete the SAI-O-NARA Klue, players will need to land ten sai throw attacks using Mileena, one of which must be used to end the fight and trigger the FINISH HIM screen. Players can use either Mileena’s Straight Sai or Low Sai attack to reach this total, which are performed by pressing back, forward, front punch (Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Y on Switch) and back, forward, front kick (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox, or B on Switch) respectively.

Despite what some people seem to be suggesting, the sai throw attacks do not need to be consecutive, nor do players need to prevent Rain from taking damage from the exploding dark krystals. It does appear as though blocked sai throws aren’t counted toward the total though, so players should make sure that their attacks are landing.

SAI-O-NARA Klue Rewards

Once they’ve solved the SAI-O-NARA Klue, the nearby debris will disappear and players will be free to head north and open up the chest. Upon doing so, they’ll receive the Show Me Your Moves Legendary relic, Sub-Zero’s Cryowarrior palette, and 250 Seasonal Kredits. Much like in previous seasons, they’ll be able to use the latter to purchase new cosmetic items from the seasonal store, though should be sure to do so before the Season of the Kryomancer comes to an end in February.

Due to a glitch that occurred immediately after Season 3 of Invasions Mode went live, some players may not receive Sub-Zero’s Cryowarrior palette upon opening the chest. If this is the case, they should find that the palette is already unlocked and available for use in the Kustomize menu.

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September 19, 2023