How to Complete the POTS VSOIHNG Klue in Season 3 of Invasion Mode (STOP SHOVING)

Solving the POTS VSOIHNG in Season 3 of Invasions Mode is relatively straightforward. Reaching the No Luck node that it’s linked to is anything but.

Much like in last season, there are several Klues available in the Tarkatan Colony Mesa in Season 3 of Mortal Kombat 1‘s Invasions Mode. One such Klue is POTS VSOIHNG, which is tied to the No Luck node near the Mesa’s second shop. To reach it, players will need to overcome a particularly difficult Survive node, though there’s thankfully a way to cheese this and head straight up to the Klue.


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Inside one of the locked chests toward the end of the Mesa, players will find a Legendary konsumable called Transluceny Field, which makes Mortal Kombat 1 players immune to all projectiles for the next encounter. Using this will allow them to complete the aforementioned Survive node without having to worry about getting hit, after which, they’ll be free to head up the nearby slope to the No Luck node and the POTS VSOIHNG Klue.

How to Solve the POTS VSOIHNG Klue in Mortal Kombat 1


In order to solve the STOP SHOVING Klue, players will simply need to perform five Kameo throws during the fight with Tanya. To perform a Kameo throw, players will have to press forward at the same time as the grab button (L1 on PlayStation, LB on Xbox, or L on Switch) while standing within grappling range of their opponent. Contrary to what some other guides seem to be saying, players won’t need to finish the fight with a Kameo throw or Kameo throw Brutality in order to complete the POTS VSOIHNG Klue. It also doesn’t matter which Kameo fighter players choose.


Upon solving the POTS VSOIHNG Klue, the debris blocking the path forward will disappear and players will be free to head north and open up the chest. Upon doing so, they’ll receive a Legendary War Horn talisman, Liu Kang’s Snowy Dragon palette, and 250 Seasonal Kredits. The latter can be used to purchase new gear and other cosmetic items from the Seasonal Store, though will expire once the Season of the Cryomancer comes to an end. As such, players should be sure to spend them before it’s too late.

Due to a glitch that occurred immediately after Season 3 of Invasions Mode went live, some players may not receive Liu Kang’s Snowy Dragon palette upon opening the chest. If this is the case, they should find that the palette is already unlocked and available for use in the Kustomize menu.

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September 19, 2023