Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s new trailer reveals upcoming features in latest update

  • Hello Kitty Island Adventure gets a big new update with Cabins & Castles
  • A new trailer has debuted to show off all the features coming in-game
  • You can now enjoy all these features in the latest update

Hello Kitty Island Adventures, the narrative-driven life simulation game featuring the iconic Sanrio characters, has debuted a new trailer showing off the upcoming features for the Cabins & Castles update. And from April 15th to May 27th, you’ll be able to play in the new Imagination Celebration event, interacting with the various mascots including Hello Kitty in a fantasy-inspired storyline.

But right now, you can enjoy the Colorblaze Carnival Event until April 12th, featuring obstacle courses alongside iconic character Pochacco and earn themed rewards. What else is included in the update? You’ll have to check out the update, now available in-game for Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

The Hello Kitty castle

It shouldn’t be surprising that Hello Kitty Island Adventure is still getting major updates. It may be unusual for those of us who have spent our lives thinking of Hello Kitty as a pretty minor merchandising brand, but the Sanrio characters are in fact massively popular across the world. This latest update adds even more content, events and more, ensuring that you’ve got plenty to enjoy if you do choose to get into this major game.

This also isn’t even the latest update for a Hello Kitty-related property. Social gaming experience Play Together is featuring a brand-new Hello Kitty collab, featuring costumes, appearances by characters and more in-game for fans to enjoy.

And if you do want to get started with Hello Kitty Island Adventure, why not check out our list of some of the previous updates for the game in the last few months? And if that simply isn’t your speed, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. You can check out our list of the top 5 new mobile games this week, updated every week to give you the best major releases and indie hits you may not have heard of.

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