Helldivers 2 players experiencing performance issues following 01.000.202 update

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Arrowhead Game Studios released the latest Helldivers 2 01.000.202 update earlier today, which focused on stability fixes and changes to the stat UI. While no new content was added to the game, it has been a fun week for players as the Automatons were finally eradicated once and for all, and we have a new Premium Warbond to look forward to later this week. Despite the update focusing on fixing issues, it may have inadvertently caused PC performance issues for some players.

U/tylers_creator posted on Reddit regarding performance issues the Helldiver has experienced since the recent 01.000.202 update which went live earlier today. They note that before the update they were getting “120-90 frames in the game” and are now “averaging 70-90 frames.” The Reddit user also noted that they use an Intel i9 10900K CPU, and Nvidia 3080Ti GPU, and are playing at 1440p on maximum settings.

Image captured by VideoGamer

U/OsaasD gave some insight into what may be causing the issue saying “Maybe it was something they implemented for the driver crashes, as on some GPUs, both Nvidia and AMD, the GPU usage could sometimes spike above 100% leading to GPU drivers crashing the game hard. I’ve been having these problems and have been forced to play on medium-high settings.” If you’ve been noticing performance issues since the update, let us know.

So far, I haven’t noticed any change in performance on my system, but with every PC being different your mileage may vary. It is unknown whether this is a widespread issue or more of an isolated incident. But, if there is something in the 01.000.202 update that is causing a performance hit on some PCs, then it will be something Arrowhead Game Studios will likely hotfix as soon as it is identified and fixed.

As of the time of writing, the latest Major Order has been completed, which was a very minor one with players tasked with liberating three Terminid planets to build new farms on them, although I don’t know why they would want to build a farm on a planet that has fire tornadoes. While you wait for the next Major Order to begin, and as we all eagerly await the next threat to come to the game, now is a great opportunity to check out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can be suitably kitted out ready to take on every enemy that stands in the way of democracy.