Helldivers 2 player shares tip to not lose Samples

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While you spend your time in Helldivers 2 eradicating the Automatons and Terminids while completing various objectives, there is a secondary task that players need to focus on too, collecting Samples. These are used to unlock Ship modules that improve your Stratagems.

Depending on the difficulty of the mission you can collect three different rarities of Samples, with each typical having 15-20 scattered across the map. Unfortunately, if you are killed you will drop all of your Samples and must retrieve them when you respawn. But, one player has a great tip in order to ensure you can extract from a mission with all of them in your possession and not have to worry about losing them in combat.

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U/Normifagu took to Reddit to share a tip with other players to ensure that you can leave with all of your Samples safely in your possession at the end of a mission. One way to ensure you can safely extract with your Samples is to drop them at the extraction zone so you can collect them just by boarding the ship.

The Reddit user posted as a PSA to other players that if a Helldiver drops them at the extraction to leave them alone so if the team is killed they won’t be dropped among a horde of enemies saying “if someone goes to the Extraction zone, cleans it up and leaves the samples there…. It does not mean ”i’m too tired to carry these, please go all the way over there to pick them up and get to the frontline and die so that we have to go back there again”. SAMPLES LEFT AT THE EXTRACTION ZONE ARE THERE ON PURPOSE! You can pick them up after the mission is done when your extracting (without risking to lose them behind enemy lines)”

This post was incredibly helpful for me as today I learned you can drop Samples by holding either the down arrow on a controller’s D-Pad or X on a keyboard. This will come in handy for harder missions as Samples can be left in safe locations when going to take on larger groups and completing objectives because sometimes you just need to run to prevent being overwhelmed and losing all of your lives and failing and mission.

Collecting Samples is incredibly important so you can unlock Ship modules to make you a more menacing opponent for the Automatons and Terminids. But, none of that matters if your load out isn’t ideal for your play style. To do this, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide.