One Piece: Most Draining Devil Fruits


  • Some One Piece Devil Fruits drain stamina, affecting users differently based on activation and mastery levels.
  • Wapu Wapu no Mi warps locations instantly but drains Van Augur’s stamina until fully mastered.
  • Marco’s Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix heals with blue flames but drains stamina, making it harder to heal over time.

Over the years, fans have seen quite a lot of powerful Devil Fruits in the world of One Piece. While all Devil Fruits make the user stronger, in one way or another, the way they do it differs from fruit to fruit.


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Some fruits can grant power that exists perennially, while others need to be activated. At the same time, some fruits tend to drain the stamina of their users, while others simply do not affect it at all. There are quite a few Devil Fruits in One Piece that are known to drain the stamina of the users, and exhaust them if overused. These Devil Fruit, while rare, might actually be a double-edged sword in more than one way.

7 Wapu Wapu no Mi

Van Augur One Piece characters who have yet to master their devil fruits

  • User: Van Augur
  • Type: Paramecia

The Wapu Wapu no Mi is quite a powerful Paramecia type of Devil Fruit that was eaten by none other than Van Augur, after stealing it from someone else. This Devil Fruit allows Augur to warp himself, as well as those whom he touches to any location close, likely in close proximity, within an instant.

Warping powers have always been overpowered in fiction, and this is no exception. However, the power of warping around people with him certainly does take a toll. It drains his stamina, and at the same time, his mastery of this devil should be good enough for it to work properly. In the Egghead Island arc, Van Augur himself confirmed the fact that he hasn’t fully trained his Devil Fruit skills yet and that with more mastery, he would be able to utilize it more efficiently.

6 Urouge’s Devil Fruit

Urouge using a weapon

Urouge’s Devil Fruit is unlike any that fans have seen in One Piece, and it is also very different in terms of how it drains the user. It is likely that it does not drain his power when it activates. Instead, Urouge simply has to get beat up for this power to work properly.

Once he takes enough damage, he can then convert this damage into his strength and hit his enemies, only this time, the damage dealt is many times more. This power seems to revolve around the concept of karma, and that certainly is an interesting ability. However, what one needs to keep in mind is that Urouge certainly does take damage when he gets beaten up, and in that sense, this Devil Fruit forces him to drain his stamina.

5 Jiki Jiki no Mi

Eustass Kid Punk Clash

  • User: Eustass Kid
  • Type: Paramecia

That Jiki Jiki no Mi is the Devil Fruit of Eustass Kid, and it is quite an interesting ability to hold. This fruit gives Kid the ability to control magnetism at will, and this power certainly has come in handy for him throughout his journey as a pirate.

While the regular use of this Devil Fruit doesn’t drain him all that much, it is awakening that causes him trouble. According to Kid, his awakening has not been mastered by him just yet. Furthermore, he also uses his awakening only as a last-ditch effort, simply because he hasn’t mastered this aspect of his fruit yet and it consumes way too much energy.

4 Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix

One Piece - Marco using Devil Fruit

  • User: Marco
  • Type: Mythical Zoan

The Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix is one of the most incredible Devil Fruits that belongs to the Mythical Zoan class, and it was eaten by the Former First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco. This Devil Fruit is incredible as it allows him to transform into a Phoenix and a human-phoenix hybrid at will.


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It also gives Marco access to the blue flames of resurrection, which can heal any and all injuries within a matter of seconds, especially when it comes to his own body. However, utilizing the blue flames of resurrection costs stamina. The more Marco heals, the lower his stamina gets, and of course, it becomes harder for him to heal injuries. Marco is a master of this Devil Fruit, however, it certainly does come at a price.

3 Yami Yami no Mi

One Piece Blackbeard Marshall D. Teach

  • User: Blackbeard
  • Type: Logia

The Yami Yami no Mi is known to be the strongest Logia Devil Fruit, and according to Blackbeard, this Devil Fruit is the ultimate power that has chosen him. This Devil Fruit allows Blackbeard to control infinite darkness at will.

While, on surface, it doesn’t look like an ability that actually drains Blackbeard in any way considering the fact that it is a Logia, this fruit does have its adverse effects, as it takes away Blackbeard’s intangibility, leaving him open to attacks.

Furthermore, not only does it leave him open to attacks, but it also makes it so that he takes twice as much damage from any blow received. In that way, this fruit actually ends up being quite taxing, however, given that Blackbeard has a body that can absorb damage like a sponge, it is a perfect fit for him, and the benefits that it grants are certainly worth it.

2 Ope Ope no Mi

One Piece Trafalgar Law Ope Ope no Mi

  • User: Trafalgar Law
  • Type: Paramecia

Trafalgar Law’s Ope Ope no Mi is one of the most incredible Paramecia Devil Fruits that allows him to create ROOMs and manipulate just about anything inside. This Devil Fruit is quite amazing, however, even activation of the ROOM costs quite a lot of stamina for Law.

Furthermore, now that Law has awakened this Devil Fruit, utilizing its powers is even more taxing than before, and that makes it one of the most draining Devil Fruits in One Piece.

1 Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika

Luffy Nika Gear 5 Oda Freedom One Piece 1103

  • User: Luffy
  • Type: Mythical Zoan

Luffy’s Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika drains his powers in many ways. Normally, this Devil Fruit would not drain Luffy at all. However, when Luffy utilizes more complex powers, such as Gear Second, Gear Third, or Gear Fourth, his stamina takes quite a hit.

Furthermore, utilizing the power of awakening burns through his stamina quite quickly. Luffy cannot maintain Gear 5 for long, and if he overuses it, he can even kill himself, which was confirmed in the fight against Kaido.

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