Helldivers 2 player recounts noob’s heroic mission

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Helldivers 2’s player base is known to be quite toxic, with players being kicked for not following the current meta and fitting the mold of how players are expected to perform. But, this new Helldivers 2 player proved that you should never count a player out because they’re not at a high enough level or aren’t using the “correct” loadout.

A Helldivers 2 player took to Reddit to recount a match they played which saw a new player embark on a heroic mission while playing on Suicide difficulty to save the day by locating dropped samples and returning them to the extraction point after more experienced players left them behind.

Image via Arrowhead Game Studios.

U/DanceClown recalled the mission saying “You were a level 6 Cadet who we all shrugged off when you dropped into our Suicide difficulty against the Terminid swarm.”

After dropping the samples, the team decided to abandon them and head to extraction to complete the mission before they were overwhelmed by the Terminid swarm, but the new player had other ideas. “All we could do is watch as your health went up and down then you ran out of stims. Suddenly the notification of all of these samples being collected popped up and we became cautiously optimistic. You told us to call in the extraction and we watched as you headed towards us. As you crested the hill, declaring they were close, we let loose with our orbital lasers, clusters, and 500s. You made it to the extraction, bringing all the samples we had lost, and did it in style.” The Reddit user concluded the post saying “I salute you, Cadet. You are the Helldiver we should all strive to be.

This post is a great example that online gaming can be wholesome and not all players are toxic, a stereotype that is unfortunately often proven to be true. So if you haven’t tried Helldivers 2, this is a great reason not to be discouraged as there are many good players to partner up with as you battle the Terminid.

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