Helldivers 2 is officially not getting customization feature fans desperately want

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Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead does a tremendous job interacting with and providing updates for the community. While fans are appreciative of the constant communication, the downside is that sometimes fans hear what they don’t want. Unfortunately, to the displeasure of some, the Arrowhead CEO has confirmed Helldivers 2 is not getting a customization feature fans desperately want.

Arrowhead recently released a new Premium Warbond called Democratic Detonation. A total of 58,000 players have provided feedback for the new premium armor and weapons, and Arrowhead has confirmed that new armor will be fixed. As for the weapons, fans have found great use for the new grenade pistol.

While the new Premium Warbond has divided the community, some fans are also upset over the developer confirming that Helldivers 2 will not get transmog customization options.

Helldivers 2 is not getting transmog customization options

Arrowhead CEO and Helldivers 2 creative director, Pilestedt, has confirmed on Twitter that the game will not be getting transmog. Reacting to a tweet discussing the possibility of transmog, the CEO explained that Arrowhead will not be adding the feature because ‘It doesn’t make sense [because] equipment looks different because it has different effects’.

The creative director also likened it to ‘having an apple that tastes like bacon’. As for what transmog is all about, it’s a customization feature found in many games such as RPGs. Basically, you equip armor pieces and are able to change their appearance or hide their visibility.

Transmog is something many Helldivers 2 fans have expressed want and desire for, so it’s understandable that some regard this confirmation of it not getting added as bad news. Upset fans can be found in replies reacting to the CEO.

Many fans seem to primarily take issue with the explanation that transmog ‘doesn’t make sense’. One fan replied ‘In theory I agree but in practice you can never tell really what your team is running and the effects are so insular and not very distinctive in looks for me to feel any expression in the armor’.

Another responded saying ‘the armour is absolutely not distinctive enough for me to tell exactly what people are running and to know the perks from that… the reasoning here isn’t reflective of how a lot of people play’.

This sentiment was echoed again with another fan exclaiming ‘It’s a PvE game… I don’t need to be able to tell at a glance what the other players’ capabilities are down to the last detail at a glance’. This response further states that ‘Most of the armor doesn’t communicate visually the perks they have anyway and it’s a game, the apple can taste like bacon’.

While transmog won’t be happening, many fans in the replies are at least hoping we will be able to one day customize colors. As stated by one fan, ‘At least let us match the color scheme [because] I’d love to have an orange armor not look ugly with a green helmet’.

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