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Spotted the Anime Rarities Breathing Styles feature? It’s not quite clear from the get-go what they are, or how to get them. Follow this guide to find out!

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Anime Rarities Breathing Styles

Breathing Styles are yet another thing that you can equip and utilise in battle in Anime Rarities! But, how do you obtain them?

How to Unlock Breathing Styles

To obtain new Breathing Styles, you need to find the Demon Slayer boss, who is named Upper Sun III – you’ll recognise him as Akuza from the Demon Slayer franchise! There is a glowing orange circle to the left of him, which is where you can roll for Breathing Styles.

To roll for a Breathing Style, you need to submit a weapon into the green box, and then click the green ‘Roll’ button. You also need a Slayer Token for 1 roll! Slayer Tokens are an item that drops when defeating Upper Sun III, with a 10% drop rate chance. Or, you can purchase additional Slayer Tokens with Robux.

A Breathing Style will randomly drop, which you can then assign to your character. Weapons can be equipped to increase your damage when attacking bosses, but you can save some for Breathing Style rolls too.

How to Obtain Weapons

The easiest way to obtain weapons is by claiming the free ‘play time’ rewards. By staying in the game for 20 minutes, 40 minutes, and onwards, you’ll be rewarded with new weapons that increase in power.

All Breathing Styles

Every Breathing Style has a drop rate chance, ranging from 40% (the most common) to 0.1% (the rarest).

  • Love Breathing
  • Stone Breathing
  • Flower Breathing
  • Insect Breathing
  • Wind Breathing
  • Thunder Breathing
  • Water Breathing
  • Sound Breathing
  • Flame Breathing
  • Sun Breathing