Head to a quaint little fishing village in totally appropriate attire with Blue Archive

We are still in the grips of quite the cold, blustery winter, which, of course, makes this the perfect season for a swimsuit special in Blue Archive. Yes, we are back to that staple of anime storytelling, as our protagonists head to the waterfront in Special Summer Mission! RABBIT Squad and the Mystery of the Missing Shrimp.

NEXON is sticking with the Rabbit Squad, as they discover that there is a sudden shrimp shortage that cannot be allowed to stand. So, our heroes head to the small fishing village of Yatoura Village, where strange local legends begin to haunt them. And of course, you simply can’t go to a fishing village without being in a full swimsuit. Think of the fashion faux pas.

As you play through the story you will recruit yourself Miyu (Swimsuit). This Special Explosive student packs quite the punch in her EX Skill, dealing a maximum of 737% of ATK as guaranteed Crit DMG to enemies in a straight line. Combine this with her Normal Skill that can hit enemies in a fan-shaped area with 702% of ATK, and she will be wiping out entire armies solo.

Backing her up is RABBIT Squad leader Miyako (Swimsuit), another Explosive type character whose EX Skill decreases one enemy’s Critical Damage Resistance. Our third student, Saki (Swimsuit), can also lower an enemy’s CDR with her EX Skill, as well as dealing damage. Slap a boss with these debuffs and point Miyu at them, and there will be nothing left but a crater.

Each day until December 30th during this event, there will be daily stories released about the RABBIT Squad for a bit of a lore dive. Until January 9th, there will be a Snap button on the event page. Slap that, and you will be rewarded with items such as Frozen Shrimp and a 10-recruitment Ticket. Finally, until February 19th, you can scale some treacherous cliffs with the RABBIT Squad in the Climbing High! SRT-Style Bouldering minigame.

Blue Archive is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.