Xbox CVP Kareem Choudhry Leaves After 26 Years at the Company Amidst Leadership Shake-up

Xbox has undergone some significant changes in recent months, with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard last year having been followed by a leadership shake-up in October that saw Sarah Bond being made Xbox president and Matt Booty being promoted to president of content and studios. Now, as reported by Windows Central, the company is seeing more significant internal changes.

Notably, Xbox’s corporate vice president Kareem Choudhry has left the company after a 26-year long stint. Choudhry was leading Xbox’s AI-focused efforts, which included the ongoing development of an AI chatbot for support queries, prior to which he had key roles in a number of other initiatives, including Xbox Cloud Gaming, backward compatibility, and more.

As per Windows Central’s report, Choudhry’s departure was “circumstantial” and “amicable”, and not part of the leadership restructuring. And what exactly does that restructuring entail?

Choudhry’s team, Xbox Emerging Tech, has been merged with the larger Xbox hardware team, which is led by Roanne Sones, while Microsoft has also formed a new team dedicated to polishing and improving its gaming ecosystem across Xbox and Windows. Dubbed the Xbox Experiences and Platforms team, it’s led by Ashley McKissick and Kevin Gammill.

Other changes include Catherine Gluckstein being put in charge of the Xbox Strategy and Regulatory team, while Microsoft Advertising’s Jennifer Creegan is moving over to take charge of Microsoft Gaming’s analytics and business planning.

In related news, Xbox has also established a new internal team dedicated to game preservation and backward compatibility. Read more on that through here.