Guide to Blacksmith in Clash of Clans

The Blacksmith is a unique building introduced into Clash of Clans as part of the December 2023 Winter Update, which also featured the arrival of the highly-anticipated Town Hall 16. The building has completely changed the way Heroes are used, with unique Hero Equipment being made available.

If you are a returning player or just looking for further information about the Blacksmith, you are in the right place. Our Blacksmith guide provides you with all the specifics that will allow you to understand the building, and all the other necessary details surrounding it.

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Guide to Blacksmith in Clash of Clans

Blacksmith is a building in Clash of Clans that becomes available starting from Town Hall 8. You can primarily employ it for the purpose of unlocking and upgrading the different Hero Equipment. Essentially, Hero Equipment is a special item that you can equip on the different Heroes to alter their abilities.

As you climb through the different levels of the Blacksmith, new Hero Equipment will be handed to you. Furthermore, you will be able to increase the levels of the equipment.

In line with the building, a new resource named “Ores” was also added. The Ores are further divided into the following three categories:

  • Shiny Ore: These are used to level up all the Common and Epic Hero Equipment.
  • Glowy Ore: The Glowy Ore are the second category, and you may employ them to upgrade key levels of the Hero Equipment.
  • Starry Ore: This Ore is the topmost kind of Ore, and you will need it to take the Hero Equipment beyond a certain level.

Increasing the level of the Blacksmith will enable you to hold a higher amount of these Ores inside Clash of Clans.

Levels and other details of the Blacksmith

Blacksmith blacked out with a white question mark on it

The following are the specifics regarding the levels and all other information you need to know about upgrading the Blacksmith in Clash of Clans:

Blacksmith Level 1

  • Cost: 750000 Gold
  • Town Hall Level: 8
  • Build Time: 1 Day
  • Equipment Unlocked: Earthquake Boots (Barbarian King)
  • Ore Capacity: 10000 Shiny Ore, 1000 Glowy Ore, 200 Starry Ore
  • Hitpoints: 700

Blacksmith Level 2

  • Cost: 1700000 Gold
  • Town Hall Level: 9
  • Build Time: 2 Days
  • Equipment Unlocked: Giant Arrow (Archer Queen)
  • Ore Capacity: 15000 Shiny Ore, 1500 Glowy Ore, 300 Starry Ore
  • Hitpoints: 800

Blacksmith Level 3

  • Cost: 2300000 Gold
  • Town Hall Level: 10
  • Build Time: 3 Days
  • Equipment Unlocked: Vampstache (Barbarian King)
  • Ore Capacity: 20000 Shiny Ore, 2000 Glowy Ore, 400 Starry Ore
  • Hitpoints: 900

Blacksmith Level 4

  • Cost: 3000000 Gold
  • Town Hall Level: 11
  • Build Time: 4 Days
  • Equipment Unlocked: Rage Gem (Grand Warden)
  • Ore Capacity: 25000 Shiny Ore, 2500 Glowy Ore, 500 Starry Ore
  • Hitpoints: 1000

Blacksmith Level 5

  • Cost: 5500000 Gold
  • Town Hall Level: 12
  • Build Time: 5 Days
  • Equipment Unlocked: Healer Puppet (Archer Queen)
  • Ore Capacity: 30000 Shiny Ore, 3000 Glowy Ore, 600 Starry Ore
  • Hitpoints: 1100

Blacksmith Level 6

  • Cost: 8500000 Gold
  • Town Hall Level: 13
  • Build Time: 6 Days
  • Equipment Unlocked: Healing Tome (Grand Warden)
  • Ore Capacity: 35000 Shiny Ore, 3500 Glowy Ore, 700 Starry Ore
  • Hitpoints: 1200

Blacksmith Level 7

  • Cost: 12000000 Gold
  • Town Hall Level: 14
  • Build Time: 7 Days
  • Equipment Unlocked: Hog Rider Puppet (Royal Champion)
  • Ore Capacity: 40000 Shiny Ore, 4000 Glowy Ore, 800 Starry Ore
  • Hitpoints: 1300

Blacksmith Level 8

  • Cost: 14000000 Gold
  • Town Hall Level: 15
  • Build Time: 8 Days
  • Equipment Unlocked: Haste Vial (Royal Champion)
  • Ore Capacity: 45000 Shiny Ore, 4500 Glowy Ore, 900 Starry Ore
  • Hitpoints: 1400

Blacksmith Level 9

  • Cost: 16000000 Gold
  • Town Hall Level: 16
  • Build Time: 9 Days
  • Equipment Unlocked: No Equipment Unlocked (Could be changed in future updates as new Hero Equipment is added to Clash of Clans)
  • Ore Capacity: 50000 Shiny Ore, 5000 Glowy Ore, 1000 Starry Ore
  • Hitpoints: 1500

With further updates to Clash of Clans, the Blacksmith system is expected to evolve even further, and you will see several new Hero Equipment being made available.

It must be specified that only the Hero Equipment of the “Common” category will be provided through the building. Those that fall under the “Epic” category will be offered to you through the different events.

How to get Ores in Clash of Clans

Three types of ores in Clash of Clans

As you might have already understood, the resource “Ores” play a vital role in the Blacksmith. Now, you might be wondering how you will be able to get the resource within Clash of Clans. Listed below are the four main ways to get Ores:

  • Star Bonus: A specified number of Shiny Ore and Glowy Ore will be given as part of the Star Bonuses you receive from Multiplayer Battles upon accomplishment of 5 Stars. The amount will vary depending on the league you are placed inside.
  • Clan Wars: Depending on the result of the war, you will be able to receive all three types of Ores as part of Clan Wars. The number of the resources will further depend on your Town Hall.
  • The Trader: The Trader would also provide you with the opportunity to exchange Gems to get the Ores.
  • The in-game shop: Finally, you may directly purchase the Ores from the shop.

This is it for the guide on the Blacksmith in Clash of Clans. Besides this, you may take a look at how to get raid medals and some of the most interesting base strategies in Clash of Clans.