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Still reeling from the events of the Still Wakes The Deep ending? Wondering what it all means? We’re here to talk about some of the lingering questions after Still Wakes The Deep returns beneath the waves. All kinds of spoilers for the plot and ending ahead, consider yourself warned!

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Still Wakes The Deep Ending

I might never get over it.

What Happens In The Ending Of Still Wakes The Deep?

Despite their attempts to right the failing structure of the Beira D, after the loss of Brodie, Finlay decided they are beyond help. She becomes convinced that they need to blow up the rig to banish The Horror, even at the cost of their own lines, because it’s already infecting them. Caz tries to stop her attempts to run his old lighter to the derrick, only to see Finlay crushed and pinned under falling debris. Knowing she cannot do the deed, Finlay passes the lighter to Caz, who reluctantly agrees, for the future of his daughters.

Caz walks into the infested derrick, and throws the lit lighter into the heart of the rig. Flame surges up from below, and his vision goes black.

Are There Other Endings?

Sadly, there is nothing you can do to save any of the Beira D crew. Everyone will die, including Caz. The best you can do is stop The Horror from spreading anywhere else. So, all you can do is drop your lighter into the Derrick and blow up the rig.

What Does The Last Scene Mean?

In the final scene, and last checkpoint you are locked into in your save, Caz wakes up in what appears to be his bedroom. Suze is asleep on the bed. Pictures of his family and past litter the walls and there’s no sign of the horrors that plagued him. On opening the bedroom door, you step into the vast expanse of the sea, and hear a final letter from Caz’s beloved Suze. What does it all mean?

The passing over the sea is actually pretty similar to the end of a previous The Chinese Room game, Dear Esther, which ends with the protagonist soaring over the sea as a bird. In Dear Esther, it seemed to signify tormented souls finally set free. Perhaps the pass over the waves is Caz’s departure in spirit, with one last look in on those who mattered the most to him in life? That’s a more optimistic view of it.

What’s a horrible one? Well, we already know that The Horror can conjure up images and voices of people dear to the crew and speak to them. It ‘knows’ of Suze. It seems to use Suze to call to Caz. Perhaps Caz never truly escaped The Horror. Perhaps instead of death in the explosion he was absorbed into it like so many others in the Beira D’s crew, and it is simply showing him what he wants to see, and telling him what he most wants to hear, that Suze forgives him and is waiting for him at home. Maybe our reluctant hero is suspended forever in a fantasy created by The Horror. Oh, now I’m even more sad.