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Browsing the library for Grimoires Era Grimoires? Every obtainable Grimoire in the game has its own abilities, and you’ll find them all below!

Grimoires Era is a Roblox game based on the Black Clover franchise. Utilise your Grimoire in battle, upgrade your character, and embark on an adventure through the world of Clover Kingdom. Collect more Grimoires via the gacha system and hope that luck is on your side – you may even get a Mythical Grimoire! Work through quests, put your skills to the test, and unleash your magical abilities on the battlefield.

To learn more about Grimoires Era, and to try it out for yourself, visit the game’s official Roblox page. Fan of Black Clover? We’ve got some guides on another Black Clover-inspired Roblox game too! Take a look at our Clover Retribution Magic guide and our Clover Retribution Trait tier list.

Grimoires Era Grimoires

You’ll want to aim for the rarest Grimoires if you want to deal the most damage, however, they’re tougher to obtain. Common Grimoires should only be used when you’re new to the game, before being swapped out for better Grimoires later on. A Rare Grimoire is a good shout as you try to get an Epic, Legendary or Mythical one!

Grimoire Rarities

Before you learn more about each Grimoire, it’s best to know the rarities that you’ll come across in the game!

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

Common Grimoires

  • Regen
    • X – AoE regen
    • Z – Regenerate own HP
    • C – Vampire regen
  • Reinforcement
    • X – Grimoire
    • Z – Crusher
    • C – Punch
    • V – Transformation

Uncommon Grimoires

  • Bronze
    • X – Double Bronze Whip
    • Z – Bronze Whip
    • C – Sequential Bronze Whip
    • V – AoE Bronze

Rare Grimoires

  • Fire
    • X – Fire Pillar
    • Z – Fire Burst
    • C – Fire Roar
    • V – Fire Emperor
  • Water
    • X – Water Explosion
    • Z – Water Bomb
    • C – Water Health
    • V – Water Flood

Epic Grimoires

  • Dark
    • X – Slash
    • Z – Cut
    • C – Teleport
    • V – Ultimate
  • Wind
    • X – Hurricane
    • Z – Spear
    • C – Sharp
    • V – Transformation
      • Turns X into Race
      • Turns Z into Blast
      • Turns C into Rush
      • Hit V again to transform back into normal form

Mythical Grimoires

  • AntiMagic
    • X – Hurricane
    • Z – Slash
    • C – Liberation
    • V – Transformation
      • Turns X into Burst
      • Turns Z into Cracks
      • Turns C into Break
      • Hit V to transform back into your normal form