Valorant Switchback Bundle: All we know about the new bundle

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A new Valorant bundle has been leaked titled the Switchback bundle. This will bring new weapon skins to the game, just in time for the end of Episode 8 Act 2, and is revealed on the same day as the Valorant 8.07 update, which saw Omen buffed and major fixes made to Clove. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Switchback Bundle.

About The Valorant Switchback Bundle

Image via Riot Games and ValorLeaks on X

According to ValorLeaks, the new Switchback bundle will feature “no variants, levels, or finishers, but the skins are of the Select Skin Tier.” The bundle will contain skins for the following weapons:

  • Phantom
  • Classic
  • Marshal
  • Stinger
  • Classic
  • Melee

Valorant Switchback Bundle Price

Here is the price of each of the components in the bundle;

  • Price per skin: 875 VP
  • Melee Price: 1750 VP
  • Bundle Price: 3500 VP

Based on US prices, 3,650 VP costs $34.99, so this bundle is quite expensive, but this is the standard pricing for Select Skin Tier skin bundles.

Valorant Switchback Bundle Release Date

At the time of writing, no release date for the Switchback bundle has been given, but we can expect it to be released very soon so keep an eye on the Valorant Store for the new skins. Once a release date is known we will keep you up to date with all of the latest information.

Image captured by VideoGamer

Currently, players can purchase the Sovereign Collection from the Valorant Store, with the bundle costing 7,100 VP as it is a Premium Edition bundle. This bundle includes skins for;

  • Phantom
  • Odin
  • Judge
  • Frenzy
  • Eternal Sovereign (Melee)

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