Grand Theft Auto 6 Fan Spots Hard-to-See Animal in Trailer


  • A viewer of the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer discovered a hidden detail – a flying bat – and shared their finding online.
  • The bat appears in the trailer for just one second, making it challenging to spot amid other details.
  • The presence of a bat adds to the growing list of wildlife that players will encounter in the game, showcasing the immersive gameplay experience.

An eagle-eyed Grand Theft Auto 6 viewer spotted a flying bat in the game’s first trailer. The animal shows up only once, and the viewer posted their discovery online after noticing it within the footage. The bat sighting is among one of the many details that players have been able to identify since the release of the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer.

Upon its release, the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 broke YouTube records after it was leaked online. Rockstar Games accumulated over 144 million views on the video-sharing site at the time of writing, and fans continue to discover details within the footage. Everything from the buildings in Vice City that resemble the ones in Florida to social media satire, the trailer is filled with distinctive gameplay features. However, even a week since the trailer’s premiere, one user online has pointed out a tiny detail that seems to have been overlooked.


GTA 6 Fans Notice Small But Impressive Detail in the Trailer

A Grand Theft Auto 6 fan notices a small, but very impressive detail featured in the record-breaking GTA 6 trailer.

Reddit user Federico1459 discovered a bat flying across a body of water in Vice City in the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. Highlighted by a green circle in a Reddit post, the user notes that at 0:31 of the trailer, viewers can spot the bat on the far left side of the screen when the footage features a part of Vice City during the evening hours. Additionally, there’s a tollway for reference. Due to the time of the day, it isn’t easy to see the bat.

Federico1459’s post was met with a couple of comments lauding the user’s discovery. They posted their discovery a week after the trailer’s premiere, which saw the emergence of many Grand Theft Auto fans posting their thoughts and findings. Any mention of a bat doesn’t appear to come up in any of these other posts, though. Players can easily spot other flying animals in the trailer, but a bat doesn’t appear throughout the footage except for Federico1459’s discovery.

As one might point out, 13 unique species of bats reside in Florida. Upon inspecting the footage detailed by Federico1459, the bat in question appears for only a second before flying off-screen. It may be hard to decipher what kind of bat it might be, but it’s pretty feasible that Vice City could feature bats. This will merely add to the ever-growing list of wildlife players will interact with in Grand Theft Auto 6.

While Grand Theft Auto fans will have to wait until 2025 to play the new installment by Rockstar Games, they can continue to look into the game’s trailer to gather ideas of what to expect in the game. The bat sighting could be one of many, given that additional trailers in the future could provide a deeper insight into the animals and their behaviors in Grand Theft Auto 6.


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