Helldivers 2 players complain about “absolutely ridiculous” new major order mission

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Super Earth High Command recently provided soldiers with a new major order in Helldivers 2. This time, instead of defending or liberating planets, players were tasked with destroying one to eliminate the Terminid colony that’s overrun it. Now, this major order comes with an exciting new mission type that revolves around injecting Meridia with weaponized Dark Fluid. Once enough is deployed, the planet will collapse into a Black Hole, destroying it and the major Terminid threat on it once and for all.

Unfortunately, deploying Dark Fluid on key areas is easier said than done, as players are having trouble completing the mission. At least, that’s according to some fans on Reddit, like u/Alkifighter. Based on their recent post, the mission becomes virtually impossible on higher difficulties (7, 8, and 9) since overwhelming swarms of “Hive Guards, Chargers, and [Bile] Titans” appear once you activate the Dark Fluid drill. Once they run rampant, the bugs can destroy the device immediately, making each mission futile.

This has led to several fans questioning whether or not Arrowhead Game Studios playtests new content before release. Though some commenters shared similar complaints, others are hoping that the amount of Terminids that appear all at once is merely a bug. u/op4arcticfox said, “I’m betting it’s a bug for the spawn location being inverted,” and that “perhaps it’s an issue that didn’t present [itself] in the isolated test environment.”

Of course, this is mere speculation since the developers have yet to reveal whether the absurd amount of murderous Terminids that appear in the mission is a bug. But with the amount of complaints that are beginning to appear on social media, you may not have to wait long for a statement from the game’s team. Until then, check out our guides on the best Helldivers 2 loadouts and the best ways to find and kill Bile Titans in Helldivers 2 so you can eliminate those pesky creepy crawlies easily.