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  • Project Zomboid has seen a rise in popularity with an increase in Let’s Plays, tutorials, and fact videos on social media, attracting new players to its realistic and challenging gameplay.
  • Players who enjoy Project Zomboid’s unique zombie survival experience can find similar games within the genre, such as Sons of the Forest, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, and The Last of Us Part 1, each offering their own unique take on survival and horror.

Project Zomboid was initially released in 2013 on Steam and has experienced a rise in popularity recently. Let’s Plays, tutorials, and fact videos have been increasing across social media, and this has convinced some players to pick up the isometric zombie survival game. The game has become popular for its take on realistic gameplay, making for a steep learning curve. The tutorial even tricks players into luring zombies to their location by making a loud noise, showcasing the often brutal nature of survival games.


Project Zomboid: The Best Build

Players looking to find the best build to survive Project Zomboid’s brutal apocalyptic Kentucky can find everything they need below.

When the grind becomes too difficult, or if players want a different game with the same feeling, various titles fit within the same genre. After all, survival horror is a pretty broad genre that is full to the brim with some great video games, and even an itch as unique as Project Zomboid can be scratched in just the right way by the following games.

Updated February 8, 2024 by Ritwik Mitra: Project Zomboid is a video game with a ton of potential, with this zombie survival RPG loaded with so much content that players can approach every playthrough differently.

Given the sheer number of ways players will die during their first few runs, the variety is certainly appreciated. Players who want to enjoy more games like this unique zombie survival title will find themselves spoiled for choice.

1 Sons Of The Forest

A Sequel To One Of The Best Survival Horror Games Ever Made

A cannibal in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

February 23, 2023

Endnight Games

The Forest is an excellent survival horror game that sticks players in a forested area where they must struggle to survive while being hounded by a group of cannibals. This makes for a tense gameplay loop as players gather resources and survive grueling combat scenarios.

The sequel to this title is proving to be bigger and better than ever before, with Sons of the Forest proving to be an excellent experience even in Early Access. Suffice it to say, the final release will shake the foundations of the modern survival genre to its core if this title delivers on its promises.

2 Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Combines Hectic Survival In A Zombie Apocalypse With Extreme Parkour And Breakneck Action

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Charge Tackling An Infected Off A Roof

Dying Light 2

February 4, 2022

Dying Light was a nice surprise, letting players enjoy a fun zombie-killing title with engaging parkour and decent crafting mechanics. Techland was more than impressed by the success of this title and wasted no time in the development and release of a sequel.

With meaningful choices and better gameplay mechanics than before, Dying Light 2 certainly was a step up in some departments. The uninteresting story and bloated open world took away a bit from this experience, but players who wanted to kill zombies in creative ways were more than happy with what this title achieved.

3 The Last Of Us Part 1

A Game Set In A Zombified Wasteland Where Humans Are The Real Monsters


The Last of Us Part I

September 2, 2022


A legendary video game that needs no introduction, The Last of Us was a huge step forward for Naughty Dog. The game spawned a massive fanbase, a divisive sequel, and one of the greatest TV adaptations a video game has ever received.


The Last Of Us Part 1: The 17 Most Harrowing & Memorable Quotes

These quotes from the Last of Us Part 1 remake will be remembered by fans due to their hard-hitting impact on the game’s storyline.

In a game where the threat of the Infected is ever-present, the fact that humans are the real threat is a testament to the evils of mankind and how the collapse of society can bring out the worst side in people. Players who have been betrayed during multiplayer sessions of Project Zomboid can testify to the truth present in this statement.

4 7 Days To Die

A High-Stakes Survival Game That Ups The Danger Every In-Game Week

Zombies in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die

December 13, 2013

The Fun Pimps

At a glance, 7 Days to Die doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the survival genre. The age-old combination of scavenging for resources and dealing with the zombie apocalypse has been done in many titles. However, there are many things that fans of the game will slowly come to appreciate as they play through this title.

Easily the most notable mechanic is the weekly assault that the zombies stage on players. This makes each week a grueling exercise as players try to reinforce their defenses and stock up on weapons to tackle the threat of the aggressive undead each and every week.

5 RimWorld

A Tough But Rewarding Simulation Game

A player's colony in RimWorld


October 17, 2018

Ludeon Studios


Players who want to see how engaging procedural generation can be should look no further than RimWorld. For a game where everything is randomized, most people will have a deeper attachment to the colonists they have to manage than most other single-player experiences out there.

The learning curve for RimWorld is extremely steep, and the title is not for players looking to relax from the get-go. However, once players master the gameplay systems of the game, there’s something oddly cathartic about building a huge base and slowly populating it with new members.

6 Valheim

One Of The Most Promising Survival Games In Early Access

Valheim two players in a forest


February 2, 2021

Iron Gate AB

In most survival games, eating food is important to ensure that players don’t end up starving at inopportune moments. Despite the importance of food in these games, many people will resort to eating the same cost-efficient food over and over again instead of trying to experiment with this mechanic. It’s this particular mechanic that Valheim has perfected, rewarding players for diversifying their intake of meat, vegetables, and everything else along the same lines.


10 Best Side-Scrolling Survival Games

Survival games come in many forms, and these side-scrolling titles are among the genre’s best efforts.

Of course, this is just a small part of what makes Valheim such a magical experience. The game’s mix of exploration, survival, and combat is truly magical and will keep players invested for hours on end. With this title currently in Early Access, fans can’t wait to see what the full experience will have in store for them.

7 NEO Scavenger

A Tough Survival RPG Made By A Former Bioware Employee

neo scavenger inventory

Neo Scavenger

December 15, 2014

Blue Bottle Games

NEO Scavenger is one of the hardest and most challenging games out there, with players suffering death after death as they realize the wealth of mistakes they can make in this chilling experience. Players wake up with little to nothing on their person and have to explore a harsh world where raiders and monsters are constant threats that the scavenger will need to manage at every step of the way.

While this title may seem a bit too unforgiving at times, players who decide to give this game the time it deserves will love what it brings to the table. Combat is a stressful affair that players should always avoid if they don’t have enough resources, and every corner of the map should be looted if players want to make the most of what this game has to offer.

8 Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

A Massive Roguelike Survival RPG With Unlimited Possibilities

Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

March 1, 2023

Kevin Granade & community

Roguelike , Sandbox

Speaking of brutal games, another title that comes to mind is Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. This game pulls no punches with its tough gameplay loop and will force players to conform to its systems as they die agonizing deaths over and over again because of their hubris.

However, players who understand the brutal nature of this title and try to adhere to its gameplay will realize just how amazing Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead really is. The procedurally generated world is filled to the brim with secrets and surprises that are a lot of fun to experience and will keep players hooked to the point where major threats turn into minor issues after a point!

9 Last Day On Earth: Survival

A Mobile Survival Game

A player home base with a fire pit and a player with a spear standing in the middle of the image

  • Platforms: Mobile
  • Developer: AP Kefir Limited
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure, Role-playing
  • Release Date: May 24, 2017

If the survival, crafting, and scary zombie chases are the main draw of Project Zomboid, then this mobile game scratches a very similar itch. With an isometric view, scrounging up random things as weapons, and stealing the clothing off of zombies’ backs, players can bring the terrifying experience to their smartphones.


6 Video Game Zombies That Can Talk

These video game zombies are famous simply for the fact that they do a little more than just groan—they can actually form words.

Players begin with a home plot that they can scavenge and build their bases on. Everything outside their home plot consumes energy, but this regenerates at an okay speed. Just like Project Zomboid, pre-existing resources, and crafted resources must be used to progress in the game and fortify home bases. The zombies are quite scary as well, especially when big, or toxic, or big and toxic zombies can be found in areas of medium to high danger.

10 The Last Stand: Aftermath

A Roguelite Survival Game With Zombies

A human in an urban area being chased by zombies in The Last Stand: Aftermath

  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S
  • Developer: Con Artist Games
  • Genres: Adventure, Shooter, Fighting, Adventure
  • Release Date: November 16, 2021

If Project Zomboid started players out already infected, this game is almost the same experience. The Last Stand: Aftermath is a rogue-lite zombie survival game that makes players build on the successes and failures of each of their characters. Death is guaranteed, but the progress and items gained during each adventure are saved.

Set in a compound named “The End,” this base is the last hope for humanity in Union City. Infected individuals are exiled and tasked with gathering all they can to help their community before they die. Players can gather materials and resources on their journey to craft tools, weapons, and medicines.

11 Dead Frontier 2

A Free-To-Play Horror Survival MMO With Zombies

Zombies walking in the road surrounded by a misty atmosphere lit by car headlights

  • Platform: PC
  • Developer: Creaky Corpse Limited
  • Genres: Role-playing, Shooter
  • Release Date: September 5, 2018

For horror-addicted gamers on a budget, Dead Frontier 2 is a free-to-play MMO zombie survival horror game. The game offers a third-person shooter perspective, as opposed to the isometric view of Project Zomboid, and the stunning graphics show off the gruesome and scary zombie designs.

The game can be solo play or with up to 8 friends, mirroring the delightful zombie-bashing bonding time with old friends that Project Zomboid provides. Players must explore areas outside of Fairview City where the original game took place. Leveling up involves zombie slaying, looting, and completing in-game quests. The game also features a player marketplace and numerous ways to chat and interact with other survivors.

12 Darkwood

A Terrifying Survival Game With Innovative Gameplay Elements

The player's in game view within a dark room that contains some overturned furniture, lit only by a handheld light


August 18, 2017

Acid Wizard Studio

Survival Horror

While Darkwood lacks the zombies, the game is even scarier than being chased by a horde of zombies while extremely over-encumbered and fatigued. Darkwood has a semi-open world, with unlockable areas bound to the storyline. Like Project Zomboid, there is a crafting system, skills, stealth, and combat. For players who like the game mechanics of Project Zomboid but seek an impactful story with various choices and endings, this ticks all the boxes.


The 10 Best Survival Games That Don’t Feature Zombies

Capcom’s Resident Evil has made zombies synonymous with survival horror, but there are plenty of games that trade the living dead for other monsters.

A similar pro/con skill system is implemented, with positive skills needing to be balanced with negative ones. Due to the day/night cycle, popular in horror games, players must plan their defenses to survive the nighttime, with barricades and trap-making. If they survive, they can use their credibility to trade for better and more expensive items with the trader.

13 State Of Survival: Zombie War

A By-The-Numbers Survival Game With Zombies

Survivors behind a barricade placed in the street

  • Platform: Mobile, PC
  • Developer: FunPlus International AG
  • Genres: Strategy
  • Release Date: August 2, 2023 (Steam release)

Some players would have seen advertisements for this when scrolling social media, and State of Survival: Zombie War is a zombie version of a city-building and base-building game, crafting, and farming simulation along with its scary zombies. Six months after the zombie outbreak, players and friends can band together to survive and deal with the hordes.

While surviving and building their bases, players can rescue and recruit other survivors and roam around the world in search of supplies. Players can work towards finding a cure for the zombie virus by researching.

14 Into The Dead

An Action-Packed Game With Zombies

Zombies approaching a player holding up a gun

  • Platform: Mobile, PC
  • Developer: PikPok
  • Genres: Action, Survival Horror
  • Release Date: December 6, 2012

If the stress of running away from dozens of zombies is all that some players wanted from Project Zomboid, then Into the Dead 1 and 2 conveniently puts it in the pockets of players. Players run through different areas facing hordes of zombies from a first-person perspective.


8 Games With The Most Threatening Zombies

Not all video game zombies come across as dangerous, but some are downright intimidating.

What would players do to save their families in the zombie apocalypse? As they run, players arm themselves with scattered weapons and ammo drops. Zombies can either be shot or dodged, and the gameplay experience recreates the feeling of jumping every fence possible to get away from zombies in Project Zomboid. The game has three different endings to discover from seven chapters of gameplay.

15 SurrounDead

A Fun Open-World Survival Game

Zombies walking around the environment of SurrounDead on a road next to broken down cars

  • Platform: Mobile, PC
  • Developer: PlaySurrounDead
  • Genres: Role-playing, Action, Adventure
  • Release Date: June 24, 2022

The characters and world of SurrounDead don’t look too different from that of Project Zomboid. The graphics are like a 3D version of Project Zomboid, and at a glance, SurrounDead looks like a graphics mod. In this world, it has been 5 years since the start of the virus, and nothing has gotten better. Everything is in ruins and zombies run rampant.

Players can search for weapons and equipment in the open world and build up home bases with barricades, like in Project Zomboid. In true survival fashion, players must maintain their character’s stats while exploring.


Project Zomboid

November 8, 2013

The Indie Stone

Survival Horror