The Finals players want to see this iconic weapon added to Medium builds

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The Finals Season 3 is right around the corner, with the current season ending on June 11th. With the new season drawing near, players have begun to speculate as to what to expect from the game as well as share their wishlist of weapons and items in the hope that Embark Studios will bring them to the game in the future.

U/Gilmore75 took to Reddit to suggest that the iconic Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, nicknamed the Tommy Gun, be added for Medium builds, noting that Heavy builds have the Lewis Gun already.

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Other players agreed, with u/MrBannedFor0Reason saying “Medium doesn’t have an SMG, it could work.” U/Prince_Bolicob_IV wants to see Embark Studios go all out with this idea by releasing themed skins stating that “release it with a like 20s gangster outfit and I’m sold.”

U/Chief_Slee also suggested that the P90 could be a great option saying “I was thinking a P90, would be a good candidate for a suppressed medium weapon as well, but this is a quirky and fun idea.”

Not every player is enthusiastic about this possibility though, with u/Loud-Asparagus-4136 hoping that Medium builds won’t get another “bullet-hose” weapon saying “I like SMGs, I like assault rifles, and the Tommy Gun is cool. But I’m praying medium gets a more interesting weapon before they get another fully automatic 30-ish-round shoot stick.”

With The Finals Season 3 right around the corner, big changes are likely coming to the game, hopefully, this will be enough to bring players back as the game has lost over 67% of its player count since the start of Season 2. Despite this, we highly recommend checking out The Finals as it is one of the best modern competitive shooters, although the new XDefiant could be about to take that spot. If you haven’t played it yet, we highly recommend checking out our The Finals best Light build guide, best Medium build guide, and best Heavy build guide so you can find what play style will work best for you.