Games like It Takes Two on Switch

Already made it through the wonderful, action-adventure platform, pure co-op world of It Takes Two? Well, luckily the Nintendo Switch has no shortage of brilliant multiplayer games, and with our list of the best games like It Takes Two on Switch, you’re sure to find something to fill that co-op, adventure platformer-shaped hole in your life.

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Here are our top picks for the best games like It Takes Two on Switch.

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Cuphead Cuphead Cuphead Nintendo $19.99 Buy now

Inspired by early cartoons from the 1930s, Cuphead is a classic, side-scrolling, run-and-gun masterpiece, with stunning, hand-drawn visuals, loveable characters, and some amazingly intimidating (and brilliantly designed) bosses for you to square up to.

A painstaking amount of detail has clearly gone into every element of this little gem, and the couch co-op allows you to go on an all-out adventure. Traverse wonderful new worlds with a pal, as you learn new moves, pick up fresh weapons, and uncover heaps of secrets, all while on a mission to repay your debts to the devil.

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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Nintendo $14.99 Buy now

Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.Another 2D side scroller, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition doesn’t quite have the emotional story of It Takes Two, but it certainly offers plenty of co-op, platforming fun, along with a heap of non-stop fighting action. This vibrant Metroidvania-style title is set in a magical world inspired by traditional culture and folklore, overflowing with gorgeous artwork, unforgettable characters, and an extensive move list.

With up to four-player local co-op, embark on a madcap adventure, switching between the worlds of the living and the dead as you explore a diverse world full of bustling towns, shadowy forests, and rumbling volcanoes, as well as a heap of fearsome foes to face off against.

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Unravel Two

Unravel 2 Unravel 2 Unravel 2 Nintendo $19.99 Buy now

Weave your own yarn, unravel the secrets of a fresh, new adventure, and share an entwined fate with your co-op partner, as you work together to overcome difficult challenges and take in stunning scenes in the immersive world of Unravel Two. This beautiful game has you take on the role of two adorable woolen creatures called Yarnies.

The bond that attaches you together by the tail encourages you to embrace every obstacle and work together to show ingenuity and fearlessness as you solve puzzles and engage with the intricate world. Cutting ties to the past allows new, unbreakable bonds to form – and this one’s sure to help you along your way.

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Rayman Legends Definitive Edition

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Nintendo $39.99 Buy now

The man with the fist cannot be missed when it comes to a list like this! He’s been around since 1995, so we’d be surprised if you aren’t familiar with this funky-looking little dude by now.

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition not only boosts him into a fresh and vivid world on the Switch but also offers some great couch co-op for up to four players. Grab your pals and dive into the nearest painting, as it’s time to run, jump, and smash your way through a variety of magical worlds – all to the backdrop of some boppin’ beats.

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Trine: Ultimate Collection

Trine: Ultimate Collection Trine: Ultimate Collection Trine: Ultimate Collection Nintendo $49.99 $9.99 Buy now

Trine is a magical experience that revolves around a group of unlikely heroes, each with their own unique skills and playstyles. Navigate through a glorious and mystical 2.5D world, full of physics-based puzzles, platforming, treacherous terrain, and heaps of enemies, as you get to grips with the unique powers bestowed upon you.

Playing in co-op only enriches the experience, as you use Amadeus the Wizard to create platforms for your friends to scale, Pontius the Knight to break down barriers so your allies can pass, or Zoya the Thief to snipe enemies from a distance while your companions create a distraction. It’s simple and easy to get into and is truly steeped in enchanting wonder that’s sure to bring a sparkle to anyone’s eye.

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Nintendo $14.99 Buy now

An epic fairytale journey from acclaimed film director Josef Fares, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons sees you guiding Naiee and Naia through a range of stunning locations, as you explore, solve puzzles, and face off against harrowing bosses.

The Switch version allows you to play single-player, controlling both brothers simultaneously – or you can team up with a friend, and experience the magic together. This rich, beautiful game takes you on an emotional, narrative adventure, and truly pulls on your heartstrings.

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KeyWe KeyWe KeyWe Nintendo $24.99 Buy now

This one’s a little more light-hearted than some of the other entries, but I simply couldn’t leave it off this list. KeyWe is a ‘cute and chaotic co-op postal game’, where you take the role of Jeff and Deborah, two delightful little kiwi birds who have recently been hired by the Bungalow Basin Telepost Office to keep that mail flowing. But wait… They don’t have hands!

Work together as you peck, flap, jump, and slam your booties across a vastly interactive landscape, in an attempt to maintain the well-oiled mail-processing machine that the Telepost Office is supposed to be. What a treat.

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Biped Biped Biped Nintendo $14.99 Buy now

Biped is an adorable co-op action-adventure game where you play as two little bipedal robots called Aku and Sila. Though it does have a single-player mode, Biped features a strong focus on collaborative teamwork between two players, as it encourages you to go on a fun, bonding journey.

Explore a variety of beautiful and mysterious locations, as you discover secrets, communicate to overcome puzzles and obstacles, and even buy yourselves goofy little hats. There’s plenty to love about this epic quest!

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Phogs! Phogs! Phogs! Nintendo $24.99 Buy now

Did you ever watch the Nickelodeon cartoon CatDog and wonder what DogDog would be like? Well, Phogs is here to answer that for you, while also raising a lot of other questions. You play as a weirdly adorable puppy snake, with two yipping heads attached by a long, stretchy body, with co-op mode having you and your friend take control of one side each.

Snuffle and snoot your way through a variety of puzzles in a bright, colorful world full of snacks, toys, and strange, squishy friends in this adorable, madcap adventure.

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A Hat In Time

A Hat in Time A Hat in Time A Hat in Time Nintendo $29.99 Buy now

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent playing A Hat In Time, both in single-player and with my boyfriend. It’s truly a delightful platforming experience that really captures the essence of the good old days, and makes for a great co-op adventure game. Travel through space as Hat Kid, a tiny girl with a huge top hat, as you seek out timepieces scattered across a new world to get your ship back up and running.

Player two takes the role of Bow Kid, an equally adorable companion that joins Hat Kid on her adventures. It’s fun, it’s vibrant, it’s colorful, and it’s a game that I often return to whenever I need to cheer myself up. And, honestly, the DLC is totally worth it – both Seal the Deal and Nyakuza Metro expand the game and offer funky and fresh new areas to explore that are just as enjoyable as the base game.

That’s it for our list of the best games like It Takes Two on Switch. If you’re looking for more recommendations, head over to our list of the best Switch games or the best mobile games for a wider variety of genres.