Fortnite fans are glad to see the back of this departed feature and hope it never returns

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Not every suggestion from the Fortnite community is met with nods of agreement – and some are emphatically rejected. Many Fortnite players are glad to see the back of one feature in particular, if a new thread is anything to go by – though it’s incredibly ironic.

A thread by PoisonMaker_03 called for the return of the Community Choice scheme, where the game’s playerbase could vote between a number of cosmetic items to come back to the shop, with the winners returning to the shop for a limited time. “If that come back to the game (sic),” says the thread “that’s will be insane.” The last time the event occurred was back in 2019, so it has certainly been a while, and it certainly sounds like it could be a good way for players to get popular skins that they may not have had the chance to obtain the first time around.

However, if the thread’s responses are anything to go by, it seems that democracy is not what the player base wants. As Boppers95 puts it “If the Minecraft mob vote outrage has taught me anything, it’s that giving people a choice and then seriously delaying or outright scrapping the other options, is bad. Unless they make major adjustments, no. Just no.” “The community consistently picked the worst skins to win so no thanks” adds LeastinsaneKobold.

Many think there’s better ways for Epic to allow players to get older skins “I hated Community Choice because if the skin you liked didn’t win, it got delayed by months before appearing in the shop. They don’t need votes, just release all the skins and let players buy what they like,” suggests Effective-Interest28. Meanwhile SomeCallMeDora summed up the major issue with the vote quite succinctly, saying that the feature actually did more harm than good. “Community Choice basically divided the community and did nothing but make people angry.”

At the moment, as skins are in for a limited time before disappearing, it can be quite frustrating – especially for those who aren’t playing the game regularly – to get a specific skin, but of course this also brings up their value. With over five years worth of skins to go through, it seems hard to please everyone (especially when it comes to licensed skins, for which we imagine there’s a whole litany of legal strings attached too.) – we’ll have to wait and see if Epic do decide to give democracy another chance.

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