Dying Light: Best Rifles, Ranked

Despite being almost 10 years old, Dying Light remains one of the most popular open-world zombie games on the market. Offering a blend of heart-racing parkour and intense combat, few games have managed to capture the frantic and desperate atmosphere of a viral apocalypse quite like it.



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With a wide range of weapons at players’ disposal for ridding the city of ‘infected,’ it can be hard to know which weapons are the best out there. Along with a plethora of shotguns, bows, and melee tools, players can also find or craft a variety of powerful rifles, which can be extremely useful when facing human enemies who are similarly well-armed.

7 Advanced Police Rifle

A Useful Early-Game Rifle For Slow But Accurate Shots

Dying Light Best Rifles Advanced Police Rifle

  • How To Unlock: Found on various enemies in-game and can be bought from some vendors.

The Advanced Police Rifle is an upgraded variant of the standard Police Rifle, increasing the overall damage and accuracy of the weapon. While this weapon still retains its single-shot firing mode, this can be extremely effective at long distances and when faced with some of the larger enemies in the game.

The easiest way to obtain this rifle is by finding it from defeating human enemies in the game, such as Rais’s henchmen, though it may occasionally show up in some vendors’ inventory.

6 Advanced Military Rifle

An Upgraded Variant Of The Military Rifle With Increased Damage

Dying Light Best Rifles Advanced Military Rifle

  • How To Unlock: Can occasionally be purchased from the Tower vendor.

While the standard Military Rifle may be considered superior to the Police Rifle due to its automatic firing mode, the Advanced Military Rifle takes this one step further and adds increased damage and accuracy to any Military Rifle. There are two different variations of the Advanced Military Rifle, but both are equal statistically.


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Players will be able to obtain the blueprints for crafting this item from several vendors in the game, though the most reliable is the central Tower vendor. It can also be found in several in-game locations such as at the top of the water tower in the countryside.

5 Harran Military Rifle

A Rare And Unique Rifle With Several Useful Attributes

Dying Light Best Rifles Harran Rifle

  • How To Unlock: Link Techland and Gemly Accounts.

The Harran Military Rifle is another upgraded variant of the standard Military Rifle, though it can also be crafted from the Advanced Military Rifle to add increased accuracy as well as a fully automatic firing mode. While the main appeal of this rifle lies in its unique orange aesthetic, it does have increased accuracy over standard rifles.

In order to unlock this rifle, players will have to link their Techland and Gemly accounts online, rather than actually doing anything in-game. While this is a rather unfortunate approach for such a useful weapon, it is worth doing and helps to support the developers. Alternatively, playing co-op game modes such as Hellraid and trading with more experienced players can also be a great way to obtain it.

4 Marksman Rifle

A Fast And Accurate Rifle Variation With A Neat Paint Job

Dying Light Best Rifles Marksman Rifle

  • How To Unlock: Gun Psycho DLC

The Marksman Rifle is a DLC item that can be applied to rifles in the game to give them a comprehensive overhaul, essentially acting as a whole new weapon in the way that upgrades to the Police and Military rifles already work. The Marskman rifle adds a red dot sight and extended clip to the Military rifle, along with a Gun Psycho-themed paint job.


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This weapon overhaul is ideal for adding some versatility to an arsenal. Since the modification can make a standard rifle feel more like an SMG, it goes without saying that this weapon works well in close quarters — though, as its name suggests, it is also equally capable of sniping them from afar.

3 Rust Assault Rifle

A Badass Weapon Capable Of Taking On Most Enemies

Dying Light Best Rifles Rust Assault Rifle

  • How To Unlock: Rusty Weapon Pack DLC

While technically a weapon mod rather than an issue of assault rifle, the Rust Assault Rifle turns whichever rifle it is applied to into an AK-style rifle. Despite its rather clunky, homemade appearance, this upgrade will convert rifles into fully automatic weapons with a slight increase in damage.

In addition to this, the Rust Assault Rifle also gets an extended 30-round clip, though its default iron sights can make it harder to target enemies at long range. Players will be able to craft this weapon with relative ease since the only parts required to construct it are 6x Metal Parts, 3x Duct Tape, and 1x Tin Can.

2 V-23 Eraser

A Powerful Weapon Mod That Overhauls Existing Rifles

Dying Light Best Rifles V-29 Eraser-1

  • How To Unlock: Astronaut Bundle DLC

Another weapon mod that effectively acts as a new rifle is the V-29 Eraser — an attachment that can be equipped to any rifle in the game, turning it into a powerful laser gun. This game-changing upgrade really enhances any rifle and makes it feel like a whole new weapon altogether.


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In addition to the high damage this produces, it will also set targets alight, enabling players to set traps and target several enemies at once. The modification also gives whichever weapon it is applied to a full reskin in a sci-fi white color, along with a holographic sight to improve accuracy.

1 Volkan Combat Assault Rifle

A Supremely Powerful And Accurate Rifle, Ideal For Taking Down Hordes

Dying Light Best Rifles Volkan Combat Assault Rifle

  • How To Unlock: Volkan Combat Armor Bundle DLC

The Volkan Combat Assault Rifle is widely regarded as the strongest in the game for a variety of reasons. With a great balance of stopping power and accuracy, this futuristic rifle can easily cut down hordes of lower level enemies, and it will even take out some of the more difficult ones with relative ease.

One of the main advantages to this rifle lies in its built-in silencer, enabling players to use a powerful assault rifle without worrying about alerting vast numbers of enemies to their location. An extended magazine is the cherry on top for this rifle, giving players additional ammo before they need to reload, which is often crucial in a game where hordes and Volatiles can quickly swarm.

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