December 4, 2023

A new Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis crossover is on the way, and we get to see content from the objectively best Final Fantasy title appear in the game. Okay, maybe not objectively the best Final Fantasy game, I acknowledge my biases. A very good one, though. The Ever Crisis FF9 crossover brings new content that fans of the original will be familiar with.

A trailer on the official Twitter treats us to a peek of Cloud and Tife sporting Zidane and Amarant outfits, and dueling all three of the Black Waltz trio.

A Little Underappreciated

It’s nice to see another game’s characters making an appearance in the gacha, and we hope this comes with a bit of story content.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Final Fantasy VII, but it does tend to get the most attention by far. There were several extremely high quality Final Fantasy games in that era that don’t get anywhere near as much love as Cloud and the gang.

While the Ever Crisis FF9 crossover isn’t about to completely redress the balance, but I’ll admit I was pretty giddy to see the Black Waltz family reappear in all their creepy, feathery glory.

These iconic Final Fantasy IX bad guys don’t get a ton of attention, but these deranged constructs hit a triple-fret of well-designed, scary, and more than a little bit tragic.

The Terrible Trio

For anyone playing Ever Crisis, but not well-acquainted with the FFIX lore.. here goes. The Black Waltzes, constructs created by the Kingdom Of Alexandria, which also create black mages to serve the Queen.

The three Waltzes are more powerful and more sentient than their mindless, doll-like cousins the Mages, but are arguably doomed to an even worse fate than passive servitude.

The Waltzes endlessly chase their goals and can wield more powerful magic, but quickly burn through their own lifespan as they use it. Destined to burn out and die abandoned, a fate shared by many gacha games.

Want to check the Ever Crisis FF9 crossover for yourself? Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is available now on Google Play. The content drops on November 9th.

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