Epic Valorant ninja defuse grabs community’s attention

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One insanely impressive Valorant ninja defuse play sent the community into a frenzy. The hit first-person shooter has several aspects that set it apart from the genre and the gaming landscape at large, and this clip made great use of that to put together an all-time highlight for one player. The result got the community chattering about just how impressive it was.

Part of Valorant’s gameplay is to defuse bombs and to do so without being caught. This is what is often referred to as a Valorant ninja defuse, and the latest one has to be seen to be believed. This Reddit post shared to the subreddit had a lot of attention. Deservedly so, since it’s definitely one of the most impressive plays I’ve seen in some time.

In the play, u/ProtoGenji snuck around the map and climbed over the barricade to get to the spot he needed to be. It makes sense that there would be a player there guarding, and there was. But it was done in such sneaky fashion that the other player never even saw ProtoGenji. Her gun was trained upwards, and she never saw the defusion take place. By the time she could even react, she was killed and the win was had.

u/Meowulus added, “I see you invested all your skill points into stealth huh.” Another user had extremely high praise, “My brother in Christ THIS HANDS DOWN IS THE BEST NINJA DIFFUSE.” Others just couldn’t believe it.

u/Hetare__ compared it to playing Skyrim with every skill point invested in stealth so they could move about with ease. Even that might not be doing justice to the stealth with which this defuse took place. Other members of the community took the chance to poke fun at the Sage, who was as clueless as they come.

That’s all for this unbelievable Valorant ninja defuse, but be sure to check out what the latest patch brought in, the server status, and a brand new skin bundle!